Square Birds

David McHutchison | Gannet Landing

Gannet Landing

Gannets are among my favourite birds to photograph. Not only are they large and relatively slow moving in flight, they form some lovely shapes and exhibit some interesting behaviour.
David McHutchison | Gannet Close-up

Gannet Close-up

For those who enjoy simpler, minimalist images, this close-up of a solitary gannet might please.
David McHutchison | Guillemot in Flight

Guillemot in Flight

Simply a guillemot in flight!
David McHutchison | Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling

Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling

These birds are relatively commonplace in South Africa, but are nonetheless spectacular. This particular one was clearly in the process of nest building.
David McHutchison | Gul at Sunset

Gul at Sunset

A lone gull (a great black backed if I wasn't mistaken) stands silhouetted against the sunset
David McHutchison | Puffin in Flight

Puffin in Flight

These cute little birds are like missiles in flight so catching shots of them is harder than you might expect ...but very rewarding.
David McHutchison | Puffin Landing

Puffin Landing

Watch out below - coming in to land! Every landing looks like an accident in waiting but, if they do get it a bit wrong, they seem to bounce quite well.
David McHutchison | Puffin with Sand Eels

Puffin with Sand Eels

This proud little bird was on its way back to its burrow with yet another beak-full of sand eels, presumably to feed a waiting and hungry brood.
David McHutchison | Gannet Preacher

Gannet Preacher

A gannet sitting atop a favourite perch, spreading its wings, looked for all the world as if it was preaching to all and sundry.
David McHutchison | Double-collared Sunbird

Double-collared Sunbird

While having my lunch on a bench in the Addo Elephant Park, South Africa, this most beautiful little bird was working its way along a row of bushes nearby. I must admit my lunch got forgotten for a while!