Square Landscapes

David McHutchison | Glenbrittle


This small ledge across the river made an interesting foreground with the Black Cuillin behind.
David McHutchison | Fairy Glen

Fairy Glen

Skye's Fairy Glen has become one of the must see locations, though that has its downside. It can be difficult to get any time there without it being swamped by tourists. It's also difficult to get good lighting there, so when I visited to find good lighting and few people wandering around, I was more than a little pleased. The prominent feature, Castle Ewen, is in fact not a castle at all but a natural rock formation. If you watch the film Stardust you will see this over Michelle Pfeiffer's shoulder in one scene. The fairy ring of stones in the foreground is certainly not natural. Sadly it's just been formed to promote the mythical nature of the place. Even without that, the Fairy Glen has a very odd feel. It's a landscape in miniature, and really has to be seen to be appreciated fully.
David McHutchison | Broadford Bay

Broadford Bay

Before dawn, looking across a calm Broadford Bay, the sky along the horizon turned this beautiful deep orange.
David McHutchison | Cill Chriosd Manse

Cill Chriosd Manse

The old ruined manse at Cill Chriosd (Kilchrist) stands a short walk from the Broadford to Elgol road. The Red Cuillin with a sprinkling of snow form the background, with Bla Bheinn (Blaven) of the Black Cuillin in the distance (left).
David McHutchison | Elgol Autumn Sunset

Elgol Autumn Sunset

A fantastic orange sunset as the sun dropped behind Soay, seen from Elgol, Isle of Skye
David McHutchison | Elgol Cloudy Sunset

Elgol Cloudy Sunset

Another of the huge variety of sunsets that Elgol produces.
David McHutchison | Elgol Winter Sunset

Elgol Winter Sunset

As the sunset moves southwards for the winter, it sets over the island of Rum when viewed from Elgol.
David McHutchison | Castle in the Clouds

Castle in the Clouds

Eilean Donan Castle is probably one of the most photographed castles in Scotland, if not the world, so finding something a little bit different was my goal. With the mountains behind shrouded in cloud, this left the castle looking very isolated, so I accentuated that by making it small in the frame.
David McHutchison | Elgol


Long exposure at Elgol, Isle of Skye
David McHutchison | Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle

This is a more traditional night view of Eilean Donan Castle, with snow on the mountains behind giving some added atmosphere.
David McHutchison | Loch Cill  Chriosd

Loch Cill Chriosd

This small loch provides many wonderful photo opportunities, not the least of which involve reflections and reeds. An early morning visit here usually pays dividends. On the road between Broadford and Elgol, Loch Cill Chriosd (Kilchrist) is just one of many great photographic locations.
David McHutchison | Neist Point

Neist Point

The spectacular Neist Point is at the westernmost point of Skye with views to the Outer Hebrides. This is a late spring sunset which means the cliffs are lit by a warm side-lighting.
David McHutchison | Quiraing Sunrise

Quiraing Sunrise

Towards the northern end of the Trotternish Peninsula, just beyond Staffin, lies the Quiraing. This is a spectacular area and lends itself well to morning light. It's often seen in films and TV ads, and there's little wonder why. It's a special place.
David McHutchison | Sligachan in Spring

Sligachan in Spring

As Skye awakens from winter, the snow-covered Black Cuillin mountains make a spectacular backdrop at Sligachan.
David McHutchison | Rainbow


Driving between one side of the Trotternish Peninsula and the other, we suddenly were presented with the most magnificent rainbow.
David McHutchison | Sligachan Summer

Sligachan Summer

I rarely photograph Skye in the summer months but this calm morning with a ripple-free foreground and lily pads was irresistible.
David McHutchison | Sligachan Winter Sunrise

Sligachan Winter Sunrise

In under 10 minutes the sky turned from blue to purple to orange ...and then the colours were gone. It might not have lasted long but it was well worth going out on a cold, dark winter's morning to see and capture this spectacle.
David McHutchison | Talisker Bay

Talisker Bay

Talisker Bay is one of those locations that almost always leaves me with a mixture of feelings. It can be joyous, rewarding, breath-taking ...and frustrating! Time and time again I have left, feeling I'd not done it any justice, only to find that viewing the images at home told a different story. And yet, I still feel I have not captured the image there that I really want. Timing is key for a successful visit to this bay. I know of many photographers who have visited at the wrong time of day and come away completely disappointed, wondering what all the fuss is about. But time it well and the iconic rock stack, a shallow sandy beach, and some magnificent skies can combine to give spectacular images.
David McHutchison | The Storr from Loch Fada

The Storr from Loch Fada

Looking across Loch Fada towards the Storr Escarpment and, of course, the Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye.
David McHutchison | The Table - Quiraing

The Table - Quiraing

The Table is a flat, sunken piece of land about the size of a football pitch, hidden in the Quiraing. By walking along the escarpment above we get this view down (with Staffin Bay in the distance).
David McHutchison | Hebridean Sunset

Hebridean Sunset

While standing at Nesit Point on Skye, the sun was sinking behind the Outer Hebrides, lighting up the sky and a slowly dissipating jet trail.
David McHutchison | Eilean Donan Castle Sunset

Eilean Donan Castle Sunset

The sun dropped behind the castle as the sky turned yellow and orange. With the castle's evening lighting not yet switched on, it was almost a silhouette.