A Atkinson | Marsden By The Sea

Marsden By The Sea

Whilst out walking along Marsden Rock I decided to take a photo as it was such a lovely day and the sun was out and the wash gave a stunning affect to the photo.
A Atkinson | Framwellgate Bridge Durham

Framwellgate Bridge Durham

Taken below framwellgate Bridge in Durham. The photo shows Durham Cathedral in the background.
A Atkinson | A Balloon High Above Durham

A Balloon High Above Durham

Took This photo of a balloon that was soring high above, there was many balloons that day in Durham but this one was the most attractive so I took the picture.
A Atkinson | Durham Woodlands

Durham Woodlands

Took this photo in Burnmoor woods just along from Lambton Castle and woods, Loved how there was an array of colours through the trees and thought it would make a lovely shot.
A Atkinson | Above the Skies

Above the Skies

Ballooning in Durham, brightly coloured balloons released in Durham, several took flight high above the skies, I was able to catch one that had just taken off from the ground, with its wicker basket attached the blue, red and orange colour of the balloon could be seen flying high above.
A Atkinson | Durham Old Elvets Riverside

Durham Old Elvets Riverside

Took this photo down by Old Elvet Bridge in Durham, There are many boats that sail up and down the river and thought this would make a nice picture. The picture is facing toward Durham Cathedral though you can not see it in the background.
A Atkinson | The Chapel of St Mary the less

The Chapel of St Mary the less

The Chapel of St Mary the Less was built for St John College before it was open to the public. The chapel sits just above Durham Cathedral on the south Bailey. Spring and daffodils were open so thought it would make a lovely photo.
A Atkinson | Durham Framwellgate Bridge

Durham Framwellgate Bridge

Durhams framwellgatebridge and Durham castle on the top and beneath it Framwellgate bridge is below it, I add a little nostalgia to the photo to give it more character on the final shoot.
A Atkinson | Old Elvet Bridge Durham

Old Elvet Bridge Durham

Durham and the Old Elvet bridge that resides within Durham City itself, the bridge itself is the second oldest bridge built within Durham around the 12th century. It is believed the bridge is a forgiver of sins, however the bridge crosses the river wear which flows around the Durham Cathedral. Durham is steeped in history and with its great cathedral that was built to house the shrine of St Cuthbert the city has been dated back to 2000bc.
A Atkinson | Boating Along Durhams River Banks

Boating Along Durhams River Banks

Boating along Durham City's river wear just past Old Elvet Bridge, The boats sit just past Durham's Old Elvet Bridge and has been ferrying people up and down the river for some years now for visitors whom wish to see Durham cathedral. Durham is famous for its oldest Cathedral in England that houses the shrine of St Cuthbert, St Cuthbert was brought to Durham from Lindisfarne (Holy Island) to protect the body from Viking Raids that were quite frequent.
A Atkinson | Durham by the Riverside

Durham by the Riverside

Took this photo facing Old Elvet bridge in Durham whilst walking along the river wear. The river wear runs around Durham Cathedral and through the heart of Durham City itself.
A Atkinson | Key Letters Alphabet

Key Letters Alphabet

Took this photo whilst walking through a second hand stall, did you know the first typewriter was used in 1874 but it did not click on until 1880. since then the typewriter has been in use for over a hundred years.
A Atkinson | Cygnets of Herrington

Cygnets of Herrington

Just two cygnets fill this picture although there are six altogether including there Mother and father. Swans stay together for life once mated.
A Atkinson | Back in Time

Back in Time

Took this photo as it so reminded me of days gone by, the photo feels 1940s and during the war years.
A Atkinson | Milk Churn

Milk Churn

Classic and vintage milk churns, these were used to keep milk in whilst transporting them from one place to the next.
A Atkinson | Only A True Miner Would Know

Only A True Miner Would Know

The Oldham headlamp, the miners headlamp was happily named Oldham and was first introduced during the 1940s to help the miners see better down the pit, the battery could be easily fitted to the helmet and was less likely to start a spark or ignite any gasses that may be lingering in the air whilst they were down the mine. In years gone by Canaries were used to detect gasses in the coal face, if the canaries died then there would be a build up of gasses and the coal miner would have to evacuate the mine shaft.
A Atkinson | Steam Train

Steam Train

Took this photo of a steam engine. It looked as though it had not been in service for some time and had been worked on hoping to make it work again. Thought it would make a lovely image for a picture.
A Atkinson | I Love You

I Love You

Taken down on the beach whilst out walking the dog across the sand dunes.