Chris Lord | Dark Day At The Fair

Dark Day At The Fair

Photograph of the Ferris Wheel silhouetted against dark storm clouds and sun rays at a Dorset Steam Fair.
Chris Lord | Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier

A dark cloudy day on the seafront at Eastbourne featuring the iconic Victorian pier and seagulls on the groin in front.
Chris Lord | West Pier Silhouette

West Pier Silhouette

34 x 15-second exposures stacked in Photoshop and blended in Median mode. A classic long exposure view of the iconic West Pier ruins in Brighton in winter light.
Chris Lord | Returning Home

Returning Home

A lone Spitfire flies past the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters on its way back to the aerodrome. Mission accomplished
Chris Lord | Brighton Seafront Sunset

Brighton Seafront Sunset

The iconic Victorian streetlamps along the seafront in Brighton are silhouetted against a hazy sunset
Chris Lord | Four Sheep And Seven Sisters

Four Sheep And Seven Sisters

Four curious sheep stare balefully at the Photographer in a clifftop field. The backdrop features the white cliffs of the famous Seven Sisters along the East Sussex coast with dark stormy skies.
Chris Lord | Arundel Cathedral Over The Rooftops

Arundel Cathedral Over The Rooftops

A long-distance telephoto shot of the cathedral above the rooftops of the town of Arundel under evening skies
Chris Lord | The Royal Sovereign

The Royal Sovereign

A classic old working pub on a narrow back street in Shoreham, West Sussex on a cloudy changeable evening.
Chris Lord | August Harvest

August Harvest

A combined harvester unloads it's grain harvest into waiting wagons in a moody wheat field somewhere on the South Downs near Brighton
Chris Lord | Moody Bodium

Moody Bodium

The tiny but quite wonderful castle framed by trees and sitting in its moat under dark clouds in late-afternoon light
Chris Lord | The English Summer! August In Littlehampton

The English Summer! August In Littlehampton

Dark storm clouds form over a row of bright yellow beach huts on the beach at Littlehampton in West Sussex. I got totally soaked about three minutes after this photo was taken.
Chris Lord | The West Pier

The West Pier

One from my archives, a vintage look at the fabulous Victorian West Pier in Brighton after it closed and shortly before it was finally burned down.
Chris Lord | A Misty Morning At Eastbourne Pier

A Misty Morning At Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier fades gradually into the sea-fog in this August early morning shot from the misty pebble beach
Chris Lord | Ride The Dragon Chariot

Ride The Dragon Chariot

Come away with me to faraway secret places, ride with me in this mystical dragon chariot, we'll have wonderful adventures at the end of time accompanied by fantastic flying horses, come, ride with me....... An almost magical image of the seafront carousel in Brighton
Chris Lord | Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle

A south frontal view of the medieval castle during the golden hour before sunset, Image captured from outside the castle grounds
Chris Lord | The Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express

On its way from Brighton, the express train crosses the 13 million brick Balcombe Viaduct, near Haywards Heath, on its way to Gatwick and Victoria under an English August sky
Chris Lord | Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

A classic view of the Seven Sisters cliffs from Seaford Head including the coastguard cottages in the foreground at the Cuckmere Estuary in East Sussex
Chris Lord | All Saints Church, West Dean, East Sussex

All Saints Church, West Dean, East Sussex

An ancient 12th Century parish church with traces of Saxon origins, in the village of West Dean at the heart of the Friston Forest area of East Sussex.