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David Hare | St. Georges Church, Ivychurch

St. Georges Church, Ivychurch

Built in the 13th century, with additions in the 14th and 15th centuries, St George's Church, Ivychurch is, because of its size and space, is known as the Cathedral of Romeny Marsh. The building is mainly constructed of Kentish ragstone but there are also wave-rolled flints; a reminder that the English Channel is not that far away.The nave of the church is unusual in that there are no seats with the space being used, in normal times, for both worship and also concerts, barn dances and the annual Harvest Supper. In the north aisle is a Museum of Rural Life.
David Hare | St. Mary's Church, Sellindge.

St. Mary's Church, Sellindge.

St Mary's Church, Sellindge, one of the six historic churches in the beautiful Stour Downs Parish.
David Hare | St Peter's Church, Monks Horton, Kent

St Peter's Church, Monks Horton, Kent

St Peter's is in the small rural community of Monks Horton and is used once a month for Evensong, as well as festival services through the year.
David Hare | St Rumwold's Church, Bonnington.

St Rumwold's Church, Bonnington.

Rumwold was a seventh-century saint about whom very little is known, and there are only eight churches dedicated to him in England. Bonnington is a small two-cell church of great charm which stands on the banks of the Royal Military Canal.
David Hare | Balnakeil Church

Balnakeil Church

Balnakeil church is one of the most interesting historic sites in the northwest of Scotland. It stands at the western end of Balnakeil Bay, looking across a long sweep of sand dunes. The first church at Balnakeil was founded in the early 8th century by St Maelrubha, and it developed into one of the most important Celtic monasteries in the north west of Scotland.
David Hare | Church of St. Aidan

Church of St. Aidan

The Church of St. Aidan, Bamburgh, Northumberland.
David Hare | St. Leonards, Hythe.

St. Leonards, Hythe.

The parish of Hythe, in Kent, with the parish church of St Leonard - known as the church with the bones because of the ossuary in the church crypt.
David Hare | St Martin's Church, Aldington

St Martin's Church, Aldington

St Martin's Church, Aldington, Kent, UK. 07-18-2020
David Hare | All Saints Church Lydd

All Saints Church Lydd

All Saints Church, Lydd, kent, UK. 08-29-2020. All Saints' Church, also known as Lydd Church or The Cathedral on the Marsh, is a church in Lydd, Kent, South East England. It belongs to the Diocese of Canterbury. All Saints is the longest parish church in Kent at 199 feet (61 m), and also has one of the tallest towers in the county at 132 feet (40 m). The church is thought to incorporate a small Romano-British basilica possibly built in the 5th century, though most of the current fabric is medieval. It was associated with local fraternities or guilds in the 15th century and could seat 1,000 people at a time. Severely damaged by World War II bombing, the church was subsequently restored and is now a Grade I listed building.
David Hare | St. Clements Church

St. Clements Church

St. Clements Church, Old Romney, Romney Marsh, Kent, UK. 11-28 2020. St Clement was built in the mid 12th century with a nave and chancel and the aisles were added in 13th century by simply cutting through the thick Norman walls. The interior has a complete set of 18th century fittings including a gallery and box pews.
David Hare | St. Martin's Church

St. Martin's Church

St. Martin's Church, Cheriton, Kent, UK. 11-25-2017. A Church has stood on the hillside at the top of Horn Street for over 1000 years. The churchyard contains the grave of Samuel Plimsoll, a Liberal MP for Derby, who is world renowned for creating the 'Plimsoll Line' on ships and saved the lives of many seamen, and earned him the nickname 'The Sailor's Friend'.
David Hare | St. Dunstan's Church

St. Dunstan's Church

St. Dunstan's Church, Snargate, Kent
David Hare | St Thomas à Becket Church

St Thomas à Becket Church

St Thomas à Becket Church in Fairfield stands alone in a field on the Marsh, surrounded by watercourses and sheep. A causeway was built in 1913, and until then the church was more often than not surrounded by water during the winter and spring.
David Hare | Reculver Church

Reculver Church

Medieval Church at Reculver village and coastal resort about 3 miles east of Herne Bay in Kent, England,
David Hare | Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is the Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool, built on St James's Mount in Liverpool, and the seat of the Bishop of Liverpool.
David Hare | Postling Church

Postling Church

St Mary And St Radegund's Church, Postling, Kent on a winters day
David Hare | St Mary in the Marsh

St Mary in the Marsh

The church of St Mary in the Marsh, Kent