Natalie Kinnear | Anemone Warmth

Anemone Warmth

This is a close up photographic image of an Anemone flower drenched in a beautifully warm, late summer sunlight with a digitally added arty and canvas texture. A gorgeous blend of pink, orange and yellow hues that emits the positive power of nature.
Natalie Kinnear | Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

This is a frame filling close up, colour photographic image of a beautiful yellow rose.
Natalie Kinnear | Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom

A colour photographic image of flowering blossom in the warm sunshine of Spring.
Natalie Kinnear | Orchid Flowers - Pink

Orchid Flowers - Pink

This is a photographic image of pink Orchid blooms set against a white background.
Natalie Kinnear | Pastel Poppies

Pastel Poppies

A beautifully dreamy, square format image, featuring three poppies in a meadow awash with soft focus blooms and grasses.