Kevin Cook | The Old Barn

The Old Barn

A herd of sheep standing next to a stone wall with Yorkshire Dales iand an old barn n the background
Kevin Cook | The long view

The long view

A large green field with a mountain in the background covered in mist on a summers day in Swaledale.
Kevin Cook | Swaledale Buttercups

Swaledale Buttercups

A large green field covered in a sea of buttercups with a hills and mountains in the background on a sunny day in swaledale, yorkshire.
Kevin Cook | Muker Meadows

Muker Meadows

A meadow of flowers in a field near the village of Muker in Swaledale yorkshire.
Kevin Cook | Angram Barn

Angram Barn

The view from Angram in swaledale yorkshire looking over towards thwaite, with a stone barn and dry stone walls.
Kevin Cook | Sea of wildflowers

Sea of wildflowers

A close up of a lush green field covered in wild buttercups with barns and fields in the background.
Kevin Cook | Reflections of a bench

Reflections of a bench

A group of clouds gather in the sky over a bench with a watering hole, next to the millenium stone of muker
Kevin Cook | Snowy Keld

Snowy Keld

A phone booth stands alone at the top of a snow covered field on a winters day in keld swaledale.
Kevin Cook | Sunrise in Swaledale

Sunrise in Swaledale

A close up of a lush green hillside just as the sun is waking up in swaledale.