miscellaneous yorkshire

Kevin Cook | wild poppies

wild poppies

A group of colorful poppy flowers in a field of barley.
Kevin Cook | War Horse at night

War Horse at night

An image of the war horse situated in featherstone illuminated at night time, put in place to commemorate the fallen of the great war.
Kevin Cook | Wharf stepping stones

Wharf stepping stones

A body of water surrounded by trees with several stepping stones making a path across the river wharf at bolton abbey in wharfedale yorkshire.
Kevin Cook | The Little House

The Little House

A little house sitting in a remote setting on Malham Moor during the winter months.
Kevin Cook | Camel smile

Camel smile

A close up of a camel smiling and looking at the camera.
Kevin Cook | Robin resting

Robin resting

A small bird perched on a branch with a red breast.
Kevin Cook | RED


A Red squirrel standing on a dead tree eating nuts with a grunge effect to the background in snaizelhome.
Kevin Cook | Packhorse bridge burnsal

Packhorse bridge burnsal

A Packhorse bridge crossing over a body of water on a cloudy day in monochrome.
Kevin Cook | Pickering steam

Pickering steam

A vintage steam engine parked up in pickering station.
Kevin Cook | Thomas the sunken barge

Thomas the sunken barge

The millennium bridge with a sunken barge named Thomas sitting in place below the bridge on the edge of the weir.