Lincoln at night

Stephen Percival | Moon over the Cathedral

Moon over the Cathedral

A shot of the moon over Lincoln Cathedral taken from the cobbles of the Castle Square
Stephen Percival | Greestone Stairs

Greestone Stairs

A reportedly haunted area of Lincoln said to be haunted by 3 ghost. One, said to be from the convent of Saint Joseph’s, can be seen carrying a baby in her arms. She walks from the entrance of the convent, over the pathway and into what it is now a flower bed and the lays the baby down. Half way up the stairs stands a crooked lamppost. Seen regularly stood underneath it is a cleric, wearing a hat and a long coat. Believed to have hung himself on the lamppost he stands under, the cleric has never frightened anybody who has seen him; it is said that he is there to protect and guide weary travellers who are on their way up the stairs to the Cathedral. The final ghost story on Greestone Stairs is that of Saint Hughes head. After Saint Hughes death, he was announced as a saint. His body was cut up and sent to cathedrals around the world, but his head stayed in a chest in Lincoln Cathedral, thieves later took the head but tripped up leaving his head to roll down the stairs
Stephen Percival | The Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon

The first full moon of the year is also known as the wolf moon. This is the wolf moon as captured over the Cathedral towers taken on January 10th 2020 from Castle Hill. The towers of the Cathedral also have a natural lean on them, this is due to corrections done by concrete which has reacted bad to the limestone, the concrete is now crumbling leaving the towers leaning!
Stephen Percival | Lincoln Cathedral over the Brayford

Lincoln Cathedral over the Brayford

A shot of Lincoln Cathedral rising from the sparkling Brayford marina, a magnet for local night life with pubs, bars, cafes and cinemas along the waterfront
Stephen Percival | A small slice of Lincoln Cathedral

A small slice of Lincoln Cathedral

A small slice of Lincoln Cathedral. A shot of Lincoln cathedral looking towards the South East Transept from Priory Gate at night time, the Cathedral is lit by LED lights which have recently replaced the old lighting system