North Yorkshire

richard sayer | Sole Survivor

Sole Survivor

The lone tree of Egton High Moor. Famous for being the only tree on the moor. From Late July to early September the moor is transformed as the heather comes into flower. A sea of pink and purple as far as the eye can see.
richard sayer | Faries Fall

Faries Fall

Mallyan Spout waterfall at Goathland in the North Yorkshire Moor. Famous thanks to the TV series Heartbeat. A very popular tourist destination. The waterfall flows in to the West Beck river.
richard sayer | Beggars Fall

Beggars Fall

Beggars Bridge in Glaisdale North Yorkshire. The little village nestles in a valley made by the river Esk ten miles up river from Whitby. It was built in 1619 by Thomas Ferris. It gets its name from a love story involving Thomas who fell in love with a wealthy land owners daughter. He refused to allow his daughter to marry a beggar. After making his wealth Thomas built the bridge so the two of them could be together.