Lucky dip

Steve Stamford | Peacock feather

Peacock feather

A single peacock feather against a blue sky with soft clouds. A relaxing image with the shimmering colours of peacock plumage.
Steve Stamford | Shilka ZSU-23-4

Shilka ZSU-23-4

The Shilka is a radar controlled anti aircraft gun system armed with four 23mm cannon capable of firing 4,000 rounds a minute to a range of 1.5 miles.
Steve Stamford | Three bottles

Three bottles

A still life of three very dusty bottles in an even dustier setting. This is a manipulated image - not a true photographic likeness.
Steve Stamford | Poppy wash

Poppy wash

Poppies seem to have the ability to spring up as if from nowhere then take over a whole field. This little group have reclaimed an area at the edge of a field. This image has several effects, textures and blends applied to it.
Steve Stamford | Frog posing

Frog posing

I am lucky enough to live in a place where nature is at home. Frogs are much undervalued as they are veracious predators of garden pests particularly fond of slugs. This is an 'in the wild' image. Frogs and toads are easy to distinguish - frogs have a more pointed nose and hop, toads have blunter noses and 'walk'.
Steve Stamford | Yellow bath duck

Yellow bath duck

Who doesn't love a bright yellow bath duck An image to make you smile.
Steve Stamford | Bath duck

Bath duck

Who doesn't love a bright yellow bath duck An image to make you smile.
Steve Stamford | A single swan feather

A single swan feather

Swan feather falling through a blue sky
Steve Stamford | Three jugs in a garden

Three jugs in a garden

A pleasingly simple composition of three earthenware jugs in a garden setting
Steve Stamford | Tree canopy

Tree canopy

Looking up into the tree canopy
Steve Stamford | Bamboo window

Bamboo window

Decorative window in a bamboo covered wall
Steve Stamford | Sax in the zone

Sax in the zone

A street musician clearly getting into the zone and enjoying the moment.
Steve Stamford | Overhead crane

Overhead crane

This is a rope drum and hook from an overhead crane that was used inside a victorian industrial machinery room. Used to lift machinery parts it is now slowly gathering dust and cobwebs.
Steve Stamford | Glasswing butterfly

Glasswing butterfly

The Glasswing butterfly (Greta oto) lacks the coloured scales that give other butterflies their distinctive patterns. This means that unlike the 'normal' butterflies the wings of the Glasswing are see-through and this strategy helps them evade predation as prey animals literally see straight through them.
Steve Stamford | Just watching

Just watching

Just watching is a composition of two original photographs of mine. The window is from a castle ruin, the creature is a garden ornament photographed at my local garden centre.
Steve Stamford | Etching Hill

Etching Hill

Etching Hill started as an independent village centuries ago and over time has been enveloped by the adjacent town of Rugeley. The 'hill' is sandstone leading to literally its entire surface being covered in scratched graffiti.
Steve Stamford | Triumph TR3

Triumph TR3

This beautiful example of British engineering was literally parked at the side of the road today. I have modified the number plate to one that is no longer in existence.
Steve Stamford | Common toad facing right

Common toad facing right

On a recent walk I found this rather handsome common toad, Buffo buffo on the path.
Steve Stamford | Common toad facing left

Common toad facing left

On a recent walk I found this rather handsome common toad, Buffo buffo on the path.
Steve Stamford | Toad stare

Toad stare

On a recent walk I found this rather handsome common toad, Buffo buffo on the path.
Steve Stamford | Buddha


I found this rather lovely, serene buddha in a local garden.
Steve Stamford | Old piano

Old piano

Low down and angular shot of a street busker's piano keyboard and mechanism.
Steve Stamford | Firing range

Firing range

The somewhat ironic warning sign that you may be about to enter a firing range.
Steve Stamford | Beware the Kraken

Beware the Kraken

Came across this road sign whilst touring Scotland. Oddly enough I can not find it anywhere in the Highway Code.
Steve Stamford | Footpath to Whitby

Footpath to Whitby

Along the coastal path walk a reminder of which way you are headed.
Steve Stamford | Cleveland way footpath

Cleveland way footpath

Wooden sign marking the Cleveland Way path towards Whitby
Steve Stamford | Fingle Bridge Inn

Fingle Bridge Inn

In the village of Drewsteignton in Devon is the rather delightful Fingle Bridge Inn, literally miles from anywhere it relies on its reputation for its trade.
Steve Stamford | Frank's Bridge

Frank's Bridge

In the rather lovely town of Kirkby Stephen Frank's Bridge crosses the river Eden, one of only a few in the UK that flow south to north. This crossing is on one of the UK's coast to coast walks.