Lynn Bolt | Lerwick Shetland Isles

Lerwick Shetland Isles

This is from one of the piers in Lerwick facing south. The buildings on the right are called Lodberries. This word comes from Old Norse meaning a place where boats can come alongside. These buildings were built in 18th century and are still inhabited today. The wind can be seen on water. It was a very windy day with gale force winds which nearly landed me in the sea.
Lynn Bolt | St Ninian's Isle Shetland

St Ninian's Isle Shetland

St Ninian's Isle is connected to Shetland's mainland by a tombola of sand. Shetland is a group of islands around 170 kilometres (110 miles) north off mainland Scotland. Famous for its Viking heritage and fabulous bird life. This tombola never desappears een in the roughest of weathers
Lynn Bolt | Rugged Cliffs of Shetland

Rugged Cliffs of Shetland

The high rugged cliffs of Shetland are spectacular. A great breeding area for many seabirds.
Lynn Bolt | Stormy Day in Shetland

Stormy Day in Shetland

The high cliffs of Eshaness in the northern part of Shetland. These cliffs create a dramatic backdrop to the wild seas of the Atlantic Ocean.
Lynn Bolt | Shetland Boats

Shetland Boats

A variety of old Shetland boats moored at the Shetland Museum harbour Lerwick, also known as Hay's Dock.
Lynn Bolt | Shetland


Stunning scenery in Shetland. This is from the west side of the island on a calm evening.
Lynn Bolt | Shetland Lodberry

Shetland Lodberry

This building is seen in the BBC1 TV drama called Shetland. The word lodberry comes from the Old Norse hlaðberg, meaning a place where boats could be brought alongside for loading or unloading.
Lynn Bolt | Shetland


Stunning scenery in Shetland. This is from the west side of the island on a calm evening.
Lynn Bolt | Rainbow Reflection

Rainbow Reflection

Rainbow reflecting in the sea on a fabulously clear day in Shetland
Lynn Bolt | Shetland in the Twilight

Shetland in the Twilight

Whiteness Voe one of the many beautiful inlets in Shetland, photographed in the twilight.
Lynn Bolt | Voe Reflections Shetland

Voe Reflections Shetland

Perfect reflections in the sea at Voe in Shetland
Lynn Bolt | Voe Harbour Shetland

Voe Harbour Shetland

The small harbour at the picuresque village of Voe in Shetland.
Lynn Bolt | Lerwick Shetland

Lerwick Shetland

The main street in Lerwick on a wet and windy day. Added effects to give more atmosphere
Lynn Bolt | The Sundial

The Sundial

The Sundial at Sumburgh Head Lighthouse in Shetland. With added graphic effects.
Lynn Bolt | Shetland Fishing Boat

Shetland Fishing Boat

An old fishing boat LK 271 in the museum harbour, in Lerwick, Shetland. This area is also known as as Hay's Dock. Old boats are renovated here.