Chris Lord | Death Came From The Skies

Death Came From The Skies

Black Apache gunship helicopter against a backdrop of fiery sunset clouds
Chris Lord | 1963 Chrysler Imperial

1963 Chrysler Imperial

Classic 1960s American automobile in hot metallic pink in front of a colorful graffitied wall.
Chris Lord | Brighton Mod Scooter

Brighton Mod Scooter

Classic motorscooter with a huge array of mirrors, lights and other decorations seen on the seafront in Brighton
Chris Lord | NYPD Motorcycle Cop

NYPD Motorcycle Cop

A New York City Policeman takes a phone break sitting on his Harley Davison motorbike in the park in Brooklyn just across the East River from Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge
Chris Lord | Boeing B17g Flying Fortress

Boeing B17g Flying Fortress

This beautiful vintage silver WWII bomber aircraft known as Yankee Lady is on final approach to land at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York. She is coming in close and fast, landing gear and flaps down against a backdrop of the setting sun.
Chris Lord | Steam Power Lineup

Steam Power Lineup

A colorful row of gaily decorated steam-powered tractors at a Dorset country steam fair against a dark cloudy backdrop
Chris Lord | Tugboat Helen McAllister

Tugboat Helen McAllister

Working colorful New York Harbor tugboat docked in evening light at the South Street Seaport in Downtown Manhattan
Chris Lord | F O R D  F A I R L A N E


1950s American Ford Fairlane automobile on a surreal city street. Dig that crazy chrome man!
Chris Lord | 1960s British Red Sportscar

1960s British Red Sportscar

A well known classic 60s sportscar in bright red against a cloudy backdrop
Chris Lord | NYPD Patrol Boat

NYPD Patrol Boat

This police patrol boat followed us for so long I thought we were going to be stopped! All around the tip of Manhattan past the American Express Buildings, the Freedom Tower and Battery Park City on the Hudson River.