Towns and cities

Steve Stamford | Clifton suspension bridge

Clifton suspension bridge

Opened in 1864 and is over 245 feet above the high tide level the longest span of the elegant Clifton Suspension Bridge is just over 700ft
Steve Stamford | Gloucester docks by night

Gloucester docks by night

Several images blended to create a balanced exposure of the historically important Gloucester docks. Once a hive of industry, now being regenerated into a very up and coming blend of very expensive accommodation and waterfront eateries, plus of course moorings for several different types of boat.
Steve Stamford | Squinty bridge, Glasgow

Squinty bridge, Glasgow

Known to the locals of Glasgow as Squinty Bridge - officially the Clyde Arc spans the river Clyde in Glasgow
Steve Stamford | Ferry cross the Mersey

Ferry cross the Mersey

A view of Liverpool from the mooring ropes of the Mersey ferry Royal Iris - cruise liner Discovery at the quayside preparing for her next cruise.
Steve Stamford | Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre

A wet evening provides subtle reflections of the Wales Millennium Centre. The lettering on the front is in both Welsh CREU GWIR FEL GWYDR O FFWRNAIS AWEN - which translates to English as Creating Truth Like Glass From Inspiration's Furnace and in English IN THESE STONES HORIZONS SING.
Steve Stamford | Road to Tontine

Road to Tontine

As travellers came to marvel at the iron bridge this would be the first view they had of the hotel built to accommodate them - The Tontine.
Steve Stamford | Ironbridge high street

Ironbridge high street

On a warm and sunny day the town of Ironbridge in Shropshire is quiet due to C19 restricting people's willingness to travel despite the shops being open and desperate for trade.
Steve Stamford | Whitby from the sea

Whitby from the sea

A view of Whitby from the sea on a gloriously sunny day. St Mary's church on the hillside.