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Liz Alderdice | Sea Holly Ghost

Sea Holly Ghost

Sea hollies or Eringiums are striking plants for a summer border but only thrive where drainage is particularly good. They have large vivid blue flowers with dark green, clearly veined leaves forming a loose rosette at the base of the plant. Eryngiums are very diverse with over 240 species worldwide. I believe this one is Miss Willmott’s Ghost, Eryngium giganteum which produces silver ruffs and bee-pleasing thimbles on silver stem. Textures have been included
Liz Alderdice | Field Scabious

Field Scabious

A surprise flower arrived in our wildflower patch this year - a field Scabious. It has tall stems and the flowers appear on the top of these so it was quite easy to get a photograph of this lovely blue/mauve beauty without bending!
Liz Alderdice | Echium Vulgaris - Blue Bedder

Echium Vulgaris - Blue Bedder

Echium can be annuals, biennials, evergreen perennials or shrubs, with simple, coarsely hairy leaves and funnel-shaped flowers borne in panicles or dense spikes in summer .'Blue Bedder' is a vigorous cultivar, at 45cm it is rather shorter than the species, multi-branched, with short, crowded spikes of violet-blue flowers, magenta flushed when fading, and pink buds. It also goes by the name Viper's Bugloss. Very attractive to pollinating insects. Taken in a friends' garden in Aberdeenshire, textures incorporated.
Liz Alderdice | Umbelifer


Every summer we see a succession of umbellifers in the hedgerows, from May to October. they are members of the carrot family; if you let your garden carrots run to seed you will see the resemblance. The carrot family includes many flowers of similar appearance - most have complex flower heads that look rather like flat-topped umbrellas. Here a little bee takes advantage of the nectar on offer.
Liz Alderdice | Sweet William

Sweet William

Sweet William or Dianthus can be annuals, evergreen perennials or sub shrubs with narrow, often greyish leaves and showy flowers that are frequently fragrant , A popular garden plant, its flowers come in many colours from white to darkest red, often in bicolour combinations, with the darker eyes and toothed petals characteristic of pinks and carnations. Here, a beautifully pale pink head of Sweet William flowers is displayed against a black background.
Liz Alderdice | Wild Rose

Wild Rose

A gentle portrait of a pink 'Dog Rose' or wild rose, commonly found along country lanes and rural hedgerows. The sunlight has given an added bonus with the shadow of the stamens clearly visible on the lower right hand petal. A pink texture has been used to create a subtle background.