South Devon

Tracey Yeo | Hay Making

Hay Making

The evening sun floods across the rolling fields of South Devon during the hay making season.
Tracey Yeo | Salcombe Estuary From Mill Bay.

Salcombe Estuary From Mill Bay.

A view across the estuary towards Salcombe from beside the sandy Mill Bay Beach.
Tracey Yeo | Salcombe Estuary.

Salcombe Estuary.

A view across Salcombe estuary looking towards North Sands and South Sands beaches. This was taken on a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky and the blue sky was reflecting in the water.
Tracey Yeo | Sunny Cove Beach

Sunny Cove Beach

A view overlooking Sunny Cove Beach on the Salcombe Estuary on the opposite side of Salcombe.