Lynn Bolt | The Saxophonist

The Saxophonist

A photograph of a street musician playing the saxophone. Added vibrant watercolour and ink effect
Lynn Bolt | The Violinists Hands

The Violinists Hands

A black and white close up image of the hands and the violin of a violinist, the tools of his trade.
Lynn Bolt | Guitarist's Fingers

Guitarist's Fingers

An original photo of mine taken in a jazz club of a guitarists fingers. I've added a heavy grunge effect.
Lynn Bolt | The Violinists Fingers

The Violinists Fingers

A vibrant graphic image of a violinists fingers and his violin. The tools of his trade. An original photograph of mine.
Lynn Bolt | Violinist's Fingers

Violinist's Fingers

The tools of his trade, a violinist holding his violin and bow.