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Gary Sanford | Namibian Mirage

Namibian Mirage

While traveling in the Namib Desert, we thought, on a few occasions, that we had sighted a mirage. But, no matter how hard we tried to photography the phenomena, we were never able to capture it on camera. As it was one of our enduring memories, I have taken the liberty, to recreate, through digital art what we saw on those occasions. This scene is created from one photo taken in the Namib Desert in 2016.
Gary Sanford | Loch Ness

Loch Ness

There is nothing more beautiful than looking the length of Loss Ness to the mountains beyond. It gives a real sense of calm and appreciation for the natural world.
Gary Sanford | Sunset at Brighton Beach, Perth Australia

Sunset at Brighton Beach, Perth Australia

On a late afternoon in March, it was amazing to find such solitude, on a beach located so close to a major urban area. But that is exactly what happened on this wonderful day.
Gary Sanford | Felixstowe Docks

Felixstowe Docks

From small rowing boats, to large container ships, the mouth of the Stour River at Felixstowe, is home to the full range of marine vessels. This simple composition has a feeling of calm and tranquillity. However, if you were to close your eyes and just listen, you would instantly be taken to a bustling, energetic, overwhelming sense of urgency and deadlines to meet. I’ll take the visual over the audible, in this instance.
Gary Sanford | Views to Loch Eriboll

Views to Loch Eriboll

For all that the Scottish Highlands can be rugged and harsh, they also have the ability to convey a sense of calm and serenity. Just north of Eriboll, Scotland, we came across such a scene as we looked north to Loch Eriboll.
Gary Sanford | Sunrise over the Thames

Sunrise over the Thames

The Maunsell Fort, Knock John, in silhouette as the sun rises behind it. The Maunsell fortifications were built during the Second World War, and were equipped two Vickers 94mmm anti-aircraft guns, two 40mm Bofors light anti-aircraft guns, and radar. The reinforced concrete pontoon base is 51.2m long, 26.8m wide and 4.3m deep. This supports hollow twin tower legs with an external diameter of 7.3m and wall thickness of 300mm, cast in three 6.1m high sections. The deck is a reinforced concrete slab with a parapet surround, gun emplacements and radar station above offices. The total weight of the structure is some 4,500 tonnes. In November 1965 pirate station Radio Essex began broadcasts from Knock John, but court action and lack of funds contributed to the station's closure on 25th December 1966.
Gary Sanford | Tollesbury Marina

Tollesbury Marina

Tollesbury is a village in England, located on the Essex coast at the mouth of the River Blackwater. It is situated nine miles east of the historic port of Maldon and twelve miles south of Colchester.For centuries Tollesbury, the village of the plough and sail, relied on the harvests of the land and the sea. The main trade and export of Tollesbury, which still thrives to this day, has long been oysters. Situated at the mouth of the R. Blackwater, Essex, TSL’s natural marina provides yacht moorings, boat & mast lifts, winter storage and local access to associated services.
Gary Sanford | Felixstowe Docks II

Felixstowe Docks II

From Harwich, there is a beautiful view of the Port of Felixstowe to Landguard Point. The clouds in the sky created lights that danced over the waters of the Orwell Estuary.