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Gary Sanford | Late Norwegian Summer Shadows

Late Norwegian Summer Shadows

On a visit to the Svartisen Glacier in Norway, the late summer sun casts its shadows over the magnificent, snow covered, mountains. The photography is a blending of the same exposure, one as a blue monotone and the other black and white. With this the contrast of the lights and shadow is emphasised with dramatic effect.
Gary Sanford | Skansin Lighthouse, Tórshavn

Skansin Lighthouse, Tórshavn

Skansin Fortress and Lighthouse both protect and guide seafarers into the port of Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. They stand on a hill overlooking the port and are quite dramatic in the late afternoon sun with an approaching storm from the east.
Gary Sanford | Views along the Alzette River

Views along the Alzette River

Luxembourg Ville has some stunning views. Here we crossed at the footbridge between the Tours Vauban and the Eich Gate. The view south, along the Alzette valley, in the autumn sunlight, was absolutely charming and delightful.
Gary Sanford | Sunset at Brighton Beach, Perth Australia

Sunset at Brighton Beach, Perth Australia

On a late afternoon in March, it was amazing to find such solitude, on a beach located so close to a major urban area. But that is exactly what happened on this wonderful day.
Gary Sanford | Namibian Mirage

Namibian Mirage

While traveling in the Namib Desert, we thought, on a few occasions, that we had sighted a mirage. But, no matter how hard we tried to photography the phenomena, we were never able to capture it on camera. As it was one of our enduring memories, I have taken the liberty, to recreate, through digital art what we saw on those occasions. This scene is created from one photo taken in the Namib Desert in 2016.