As the Sun Sets

Liam OMalley | Sunset at South Stack

Sunset at South Stack

A hiker looks across to the South Stack Lighthouse on Anglesey as the sun sets.
Liam OMalley | Hilbre Sunset Pink Fire

Hilbre Sunset Pink Fire

After an evening of frustrating skies and nothing really happening, the sun dropped below the horizon and suddenly turned the sky to a fiery red and pink glow behind Hilbre Island, the colour was incredible.
Liam OMalley | New Brighton Lighthouse Sunset

New Brighton Lighthouse Sunset

New Brighton lighthouse is always a great spot when the sun is low in the sky. This night I took quite a few shots from various angles but I love this silhouette shot and the way the light reflects of the draining water underneath.
Liam OMalley | Point of Ayr Silhouette

Point of Ayr Silhouette

Light glints off the broken glass in the old lighthouse at the Point of Ayr. The lighthouse here at Talacre is so beautiful at sunset, and even though the colour in the clouds was minimal I grabbed this silhouette. I love the light glinting off the glass in this one, almost like the sun is lighting the old broken lamp.
Liam OMalley | Sunset Yachts on West Kirby Shore

Sunset Yachts on West Kirby Shore

One of my favourite sunset shots that really shows how my ability has improved over the summer, I never would have been able to capture a shot like this in the past. I love the angles of the masts, the silhouette against golden firery sky and the last of the sunlight glinting off the boats on the shore.
Liam OMalley | West Kirby Sunset Bliss

West Kirby Sunset Bliss

Looking out along a jetty that juts out into the Marine Lake, West Kirby as the setting sun turns the sky shades of purple blue and pink.
Liam OMalley | Dee Estuary Rainbow Skies

Dee Estuary Rainbow Skies

After a disappointing evening with the weather the last few rays of the day brought in some beautiful colours that spread across the sky that reflected off the sands of the Dee Estuary from West Kirby.
Liam OMalley | The Sun Sets over Burbo Bank Windfarm

The Sun Sets over Burbo Bank Windfarm

A beautiful sunset looking out to sea over the Burbo Bank Wind Farm taken from the old Lifeboat Station on Hilbre Island in June 2020.
Liam OMalley | Sun Sets at South Stack

Sun Sets at South Stack

The last of the sun sets over the Irish Sea and the South Stack Lighthouse on the isle of Anglesey, North Wales.