Alan Tunnicliffe | Rainbow over pool

Rainbow over pool

A stormy sky with sunshine and a double rainbow reflected in a pool
Alan Tunnicliffe | Cambridge


empty wooden punts are moored up on the bank of the river Cam in Cambridge. In the background is the Trinity bridge.
Alan Tunnicliffe | Eilean Donan castle

Eilean Donan castle

A sunset evening photograph of the famous eilean donan castle in scotland
Alan Tunnicliffe | sunset


A single tree is photographed against the rolling hills at sunset. A dry stone wall is at the front of the landscape
Alan Tunnicliffe | stairway to heaven

stairway to heaven

A composite image showing stone steps leading up to the milky way. There are old lights lit up the steps. The original photo was taken by me and the milky way was added in post production. That image is readily available on public images so needs no copyright
Alan Tunnicliffe | Bamburgh castle

Bamburgh castle

A sandy beach with bamburgh castle in the background. Taken when the tide is out
Alan Tunnicliffe | Lindisfarne island

Lindisfarne island

A view of the harbour at lindisfarne. The tide is out and the small boats are beached on the sand. In the distance id bamburgh castle
Alan Tunnicliffe | whitby


looking down the 199 steps towards whitby town and harbour. The photograph was taken during the blue hour
Alan Tunnicliffe | Whitby


A view across the harbour at whitby. Looking at the church and abbey on a grey day and framed through the famous whale bone sculpture