Beaches and Sand

Lynn Bolt | St Ninian's Isle Shetland

St Ninian's Isle Shetland

St Ninian's Isle is connected to Shetland's mainland by a tombola of sand. Shetland is a group of islands around 170 kilometres (110 miles) north off mainland Scotland. Famous for its Viking heritage and fabulous bird life. This tombola never desappears een in the roughest of weathers
Lynn Bolt | Idyllic Day in Cuba

Idyllic Day in Cuba

A beach in Cuba - white sun-kissed sand, beach umbrella and sailing boat - perfect
Lynn Bolt | Two Umbrellas

Two Umbrellas

Two umbrellas on a deserted beach in Cuba. Blue sea, blue sky and white sand - perfect
Lynn Bolt | Peneco Beach Albuferia

Peneco Beach Albuferia

Peneco beach, also known as Praia do Túnel (Tunnel beach) lies in front of the old city centre and is accessed through a tunnel in the cliffs. A footpath runs along the foot of the cliffs to the neighbouring marina.
Lynn Bolt | Cuban White Sand

Cuban White Sand

Early morning on a beach in Trinidad de Cuba
Lynn Bolt | Gentle Waves

Gentle Waves

Gentlewaves lapping on the sand
Lynn Bolt | Gentle Waves

Gentle Waves

Nothing beats the sound of gentle waves lapping on the seashore. This is a photo that I have added a soft pastel finish.