Rocks in water

Steve Stamford | Mystic falls

Mystic falls

Mystic Falls can be found in the Brecon Beacons and the water tumbles 90 feet into the pool below. If you are feeling intrepid you can follow a narrow path and stand behind the falls for a rather unusual view
Steve Stamford | Kilt rock falls

Kilt rock falls

Or to give it is longer name, translated from Gaelic 'The rock with the kilt like appearance'. With a 60m drop into the sea and sheer cliffs this is an impressive sight when in full flow. The cliff itself is nesting site to countless thousands of birds who find safe haven here.
Steve Stamford | Atlantic splash

Atlantic splash

Waves from the Atlantic crash onto rocks at Booby's Bay, Cornwall. Booby's Bay is near Padstow in Cornwall and whilst it has golden sands when the tide is out, when it comes in . . . .
Steve Stamford | Bow Fiddle Rock close up

Bow Fiddle Rock close up

Along the Scottish coast you will find Bow Fiddle Rock, a formation where an arch exists in otherwise solid rock.