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Steve Stamford | Pistyll Rhaeadr portrait 2

Pistyll Rhaeadr portrait 2

Pistyll Rhaeadr is a rather stunning location in Wales and is the largest waterfall in the country falling some 240 ft in a series of drops, the largest of which is around 130 ft. The walk to the top is 'interesting'.
Steve Stamford | Aber Falls cascade slow shutter

Aber Falls cascade slow shutter

Just a few yards down from the Aber Falls the water cascades down a series of tumbles, each offering unique beauty. A slow shutter speed here provides a soft, milky effect and a faster, sharper version is also available.
Steve Stamford | Aber Falls 3

Aber Falls 3

Located amongst the Berwyn Mountains Pistyll Rhaeadr is the tallest waterfall in Wales (and England) with a fall of around 120ft. A very popular tourist attraction that is accessed via a small, often single track road that means an early start is essential if you wish to park and enjoy a less cluttered visit.
Steve Stamford | Cuillin hill and waterfall

Cuillin hill and waterfall

Scotland is blessed with many waterfalls, some large, some small but all beautiful in their own right. However that water comes from somewhere and shortly after this image was taken it started to consistently rain for the rest of the day.