Lynn Bolt | Gallardia Flowers

Gallardia Flowers

Three Gallardia flowers with a bee in a garden of various flowers. Added effects
Lynn Bolt | Bluebells


The pretty fragrant bluebell is a welcome sight in the countryside. Found in woods, forests, hedgerows and in the garden. A native wildflower to the UK which is endangered by the Spanish bluebell.
Lynn Bolt | Pink Fuschia

Pink Fuschia

A pretty dlicate pink Fuschia with added background and textures.
Lynn Bolt | Daises and Forget Me Nots

Daises and Forget Me Nots

Daisies and Forget Me Not flowers photographed in my garden with an added texture with a water colour effect.
Lynn Bolt | Three Roses

Three Roses

Three pretty pink and peach roses with a textured coloured background and overlay. This is a square version.
Lynn Bolt | Red Anthurium

Red Anthurium

Anthurium are evergreen perennials, with large, simple or palm shaped lobed leaves, and spike-like flowering spikes. These are also known as tail flower and flamenco flower. They come from Colombia, Ecuador.
Lynn Bolt | Canterbury Bells

Canterbury Bells

These beautiful Canterbury Bells were photographed against a white wall. I then created a posterize effect with Topaz and other software for this vibrant pop art effect.
Lynn Bolt | Red Amaryllis

Red Amaryllis

Stunning red amaryllis with a vibrant red purple and gold background
Lynn Bolt | Big Yellow Daisy

Big Yellow Daisy

Big yellow daisy with a gold textured background and overlay
Lynn Bolt | Three Gerberas

Three Gerberas

The gerbera is part of the daisy family. Here there are three peachy coloured ones
Lynn Bolt | Chrysanthemum Spray

Chrysanthemum Spray

A spray of white chrysanthemums
Lynn Bolt | Purple Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea

Macro shot of a purple hydrangea
Lynn Bolt | Pink Chrysanthemum

Pink Chrysanthemum

A pretty pink chrysanthemum with a background texture and effects
Lynn Bolt | Sepia Chrysanthemum

Sepia Chrysanthemum

A sepia coloured chrysanthemum with textures and effects
Lynn Bolt | Yellow Tulips

Yellow Tulips

A bunch of yellow tulips on a textured background with an added effect
Lynn Bolt | Daisy


A single daisy on a textured background
Lynn Bolt | Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

A soft macro image of a pale pink rose
Lynn Bolt | Faded Rose

Faded Rose

A rose on a textured background andgiven a faded effect
Lynn Bolt | Single Pink Gerbera

Single Pink Gerbera

A pretty single pink gerbera with an added background texture
Lynn Bolt | Gerbera in Sepia

Gerbera in Sepia

The gerbera is part of the daisy family. This single flower has been given a sepia effect
Lynn Bolt | Three Roses

Three Roses

Three pretty pink and peach roses with a textured coloured background and overlay
Lynn Bolt | Love


This is a composite image, using my own photograph of a rose on a background of French writings to Love.