maggie mccall | Yacht Sailing at Sunset

Yacht Sailing at Sunset

A dreamy sight of a yacht sailing at sunset on the calm sea at Widemouth, Cornwall. The impressionistic smooth waves create a tranquil atmosphere. The yacht cuts gracefully through the shimmering water, leaving a blur in its wake. the coastline is peaceful, and the only sound one hears is the gentle motion of the ocean.
maggie mccall | Serenity in Widemouth Bay Bude Cornwall

Serenity in Widemouth Bay Bude Cornwall

The tranquil beauty of Widemouth Bay in Bude, Cornwall is captured in this long exposure panned shot taken at sunset. The waves gently roll onto the Cornish beach, creating an impressionistic scene that is both creative and beautiful. Seagulls dot the sky, adding to the peacefulness of the moment. This a a composite image of 3 of my own photographs created in my mind.
maggie mccall | Widemouth Impressionism Bude Cornwall

Widemouth Impressionism Bude Cornwall

A the peaceful evening at Widemouth Beach, Bude, Cornwall, as a seagull flies home at sunset. This impressionist scene captures the spiritual freedom and peace of the bird's flight against the calm waves and pastel sky.
maggie mccall | Lone Yacht Widemouth  Bay Cornwall

Lone Yacht Widemouth Bay Cornwall

A dull atmospheric day at Widemouth Bay, Bude, Cornwall. The picture is a long exposure while panning, creating a dreamy impressionistic effect. The image is a composite of two of my own photos, featuring a lone yacht amidst the calm waves.