maggie mccall | Beauty and the Beasts

Beauty and the Beasts

After coming out of Victoria Station in London, I notice the Nova building, towering above the beautiful building on the right. I liked the juxtaposition of these three buildings with the compressed perspective of a telephoto lense. The Nova occupies an entire block, comprises of two office buildings, designed by PLP Architecture and a residential building by Benson & Forsyth. It was voted Carbuncle of the year 2017, a worthy title in my mind, although. it is strangely intriguing to look at and an assault on the senses at the same time.. The Pigeon was an added bonus, and luckily captured at the right time.
maggie mccall | Old House Facade Nice France

Old House Facade Nice France

An old decorative Facade in Nice France. One of many exterior photogenic buildings in Nice. The open shutter adds a touch of fortuitousness to the scene, making it a perfect photo opportunity for any traveller.
maggie mccall | Brentor Panorama

Brentor Panorama

On top of Brent Tor, is the small Church of St. Michael de Rupe. Brent Tor is a tor on the western edge of Dartmoor, approximately 4 miles north of Tavistock & 1100 ft above sea level. Brentor Church is 37 ft long & 14.5 ft wide & seats 40 people. St. Michael de Rupe is the fourth smallest complete parish church in England, has 360 degree views across Dartmoor & east Cornwall.
maggie mccall | Brighton  Bandstand

Brighton Bandstand

Beautiful and truly unique, The Bandstand is located on Brighton's vibrant seafront. The Bandstand first opened in 1884. The historic seafront bandstand re-opened in summer 2009, having undergone a major restoration project to return the building to its Victorian splendour. The deck of the bandstand is used for regular concerts, whilst the base of the building has been converted into a café. It is now available as a venue for weddings and ceremonies.
maggie mccall | Dartmouth Bandstand.

Dartmouth Bandstand.

The Dartmouth Bandstand is in the heart of the Royal Avenue gardens which runs alongside the River Dart. The cast iron bandstand makes an impressive ornate centre piece as well as providing a stage during town celebrations and music festivals.
maggie mccall | Exeter Cathedral, Devon

Exeter Cathedral, Devon

Exeter Cathedral is a stunning building, its proper name is the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter. The present building was completed by about 1400, and has several notable features, including an early set of misericords, an astronomical clock and the longest uninterrupted medieval stone vaulted ceiling in the world. A statue of Richard Hooker, (March 1554 to November 1600), sits within the grounds of the cathedral, he was an English priest in the Church of England and an influential theologian.