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maggie mccall | Blue Marble halls

Blue Marble halls

One of the many staircases of the Louvre Museum Paris. I was inspired by Enya's song. 10 Marble Halls, from Shepherd Moons, and blue to me suited the song. A beautiful women rushing up the stairs
maggie mccall | Red Semi Nude Kaleidoscope

Red Semi Nude Kaleidoscope

An abstract semi nude kaleidoscope taken in my studio for a commission.
maggie mccall | Stormy Seas, Widemouth, Cornwall

Stormy Seas, Widemouth, Cornwall

Inspired by the French Lieutenant's Woman a historical fiction novel by John Fowles. The weather was really bleak and blowing a gale, on Widemouth Beach, Cornwall, I loved the colours and atmosphere.. Widemouth Bay is a beach and small village on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall, England. It is about 3 miles south of Bude. This stretch of coast is steeped in the smuggling history of times long gone, and not far south of Widemouth Bay can be found many little inlets and coves.
maggie mccall | Blue Marble Halls of the Louvre

Blue Marble Halls of the Louvre

This photo captures the grandeur of one of the many staircases in the Louvre Museum, bathed in blue light that perfectly complements Enya's song Shepherd Moons. The marble halls are Victorian in style, with tall vertical arches and a gothic atmosphere that transports you to another time. Famous as a local landmark and one of the most visited places in Paris, the Louvre is a true architectural masterpiece, with stunning details like the intricate church windows and the majestic old staircases. This photo was taken in the evening, adding to the mystical twilight feel of the scene. Don't miss the elegant women in long dresses, adding a touch of glamour to this already captivating picture.