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Steve Clark | Vulcan Bomber

Vulcan Bomber

Avro Vulcan Bomber XH558 at sunset. Here we have a digital composite of what was the last flying Vulcan bomber taken at an airshow in 2013 set against a glorious sunset.
Steve Clark | P51 Mustang Preflight Checks

P51 Mustang Preflight Checks

It's early morning and a member of the ground crew is undertaking preflight checks on a P51 Mustang 'Jumpin Jacques' in readiness for the call to action. The Mustang was a United States Army Airforce World War II fighter aircraft. What made this aircraft unforgettable was the incredible top speed. This was due to the engine, an American made super charged version of the Rolls-Royce Merlin. Rumour has it that this iconic fighter inspired Ford designers after the war to name their new sports car after it.
Steve Clark | Canada's Lancaster

Canada's Lancaster

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lancaster bomber set against a glorious evening sky. This Aircraft carries an emblem depicting the Victoria Cross awarded to Andrew Mynarski. On June 13, 1944, his Lancaster was attacked by a German night fighter. As the bomber was falling to the ground in flames, he attempted to free the tail gunner trapped in the rear turret of the blazing and out of control aircraft. The tail gunner miraculously survived the crash and lived to tell the story, but sadly Andrew Mynarski died from his severe burns.