Lynn Bolt | Elephants at Sunset

Elephants at Sunset

Two African elephants on the plains of South Africa at sunset. I was lucky enough to capture these two elephants walking through the bush at sunset when I was on safari in South Africa.
Lynn Bolt | Two Gannets

Two Gannets

A pair of gannets sitting on the cliff edge on the island of Noss in the Shetland Isles, which is one of the largest breeding colonies for gannets in the UK. These birds are renowned for their spectacular diving skills.
Lynn Bolt | Little Robin Redbreast

Little Robin Redbreast

Close up image of a cheeky young Robin redbreast, one of many that feed in my garden.
Lynn Bolt | Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl

A close up shot of an European Eagle Owl.
Lynn Bolt | Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

Close up of an European Eagle Owl, in black and white with coloured eyes
Lynn Bolt | Red Squirrel in the Rain

Red Squirrel in the Rain

The red squirrel is one of Britain's most endearing wildlife species. This endagered animal visits me regularly.
Lynn Bolt | Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Close up imae of a Golden Eagle with a feather in it's beak. On a textured background
Lynn Bolt | Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Red squirrel feeding. This rare native animal was photographed by Loch Awe, Argyll, in the Scottish Highlands. The Red Squirrel is on the endangered list in the British Isles. I am lucky enough to have them in my garden and they feed regularly on my bird feeder.
Lynn Bolt | Two Gannets

Two Gannets

An adut and a juvenile gannet against a colourful sky. An original photograph of mine with added chalk effect.
Lynn Bolt | Macaw Eating a Peanut

Macaw Eating a Peanut

Green macaw eating a peanut. I removed the background and used a green textured background. Close up image
Lynn Bolt | Puffin


This puffin was taken on Sumburgh Head in the Shetland Isles, UK. This is one of the largest breeding areas for puffins in the country. The Shetland name for these birds is 'tammie norrie'.
Lynn Bolt | Just Stretching my Wings

Just Stretching my Wings

A young puffin on the side of a cliff stretching its wings.
Lynn Bolt | Puffin


The cute and comical Atlantic Puffin, sitting on its own on the cliffs in Shetland.
Lynn Bolt | Gannets


A pair of Gannets sitting on a rock silhouetted against the sky. Gannets are great diving seabrids.
Lynn Bolt | Artic Tern

Artic Tern

The Artic Tern is a welcome visitor to Shetland as it heralds the arrival of summer. This one is sitting on a mooring rope at the harbour in Lerwick. The Shetland name is Tirrick.