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Liz Alderdice | Common Blue Butterfly

Common Blue Butterfly

A camera shy Common Blue on an Ox Eye Daisy. These tiny, delicate butterflies seem increasingly less common so it was great to see this one on a deliberately wildflower-sown meadow. Taken at Haddo House Gardens, Aberdeenshire, Scotland after scrambling down a bank!
Liz Alderdice | Beauty - Pink on Black

Beauty - Pink on Black

A delicate pink and white carnation becomes a strong floral statement on this dense black background. An unusual image for me as it was taken indoors with flash and a tripod! My default working mode is to take nature in its natural environment and 99.9% of my camera work is hand held, but that does not mean I will not try to have a go at other approaches. I am pleased with the result.
Liz Alderdice | Whitebeam Flowers

Whitebeam Flowers

The pretty white, clustered flowers of the Whitebeam tree (sorbus aria). Sorbus aria Lutescens is a variety of the common Whitebeam, a small-medium sized tree native to Britain and Europe.
Liz Alderdice | Green Grasshopper

Green Grasshopper

So lovely to be able to get this close to such an amazing creature. An insect of damp meadows and hillside pastures, the Common Green Grasshopper is widespread in the uplands, but more local and perhaps declining in the lowlands. It is the earliest grasshopper to appear. Textures added.
Liz Alderdice | Pearlescent


A beautiful string of pearls or delicate dewdrops caught on strands of web! Taken at dawn by the Ythan estuary in Aberdeenshire.
Liz Alderdice | Meadowsweet


These beautiful wild flowers fill the air with a lovely scent during early summer as they spring up on woodland walks, country verges and wild areas. I first came across it several years ago and now have plenty of it in the garden. Used throughout history in the British Isles, this herb has been utilized for culinary, medicinal and magical properties bringing together a plant that has many uses. Indigo Herbs brings you this aromatic herb in the form of a pure Meadowsweet herbal tea. When brewing this tea you will be able to see for yourself why it has been described as having a smell quite a lot like marzipan or even antiseptic liquid. The name Meadowsweet comes from the fact that it was used as an additive in making of mead. Meadowsweet used to be called 'Medewurte' with the name slowly changing over time. The Druids ranked the herb as one of their most sacred using it ritually as well as medicinally.
Liz Alderdice | Purple Lupin

Purple Lupin

When is purple more than just purple? When it is a purple lupin. the sun shows up the wonderful hues of yellows, blues and pinks in this macro capture of a lupin flower.
Liz Alderdice | Pink Fragrance on Black

Pink Fragrance on Black

One of my favourite flowers, this beautiful climber rose flowers every July and together with the honeysuckly which grows through it , fills the early evening air with a wonderful, therapeutic fragrance.
Liz Alderdice | Thistle in Black and White

Thistle in Black and White

Black and white close up of a thistle head showing the spikes and the softer strands woven in between. Taken in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland.
Liz Alderdice | Woodland Hues

Woodland Hues

Walking in a beautiful stretch of young mixed woodland by the coastline of Arbroath in Angus, a shaft of sunlight caught these flowers on an unknown tree - maybe a Chestnut. They swayed to and fro in the dappled light creating a patch of creamy white among the soft greens.
Liz Alderdice | Four-Spotted Chaser

Four-Spotted Chaser

This dragonfly kept coming back to me as I was watching a variety of dragon and damsel flies skimming over a large pond in the Aviemore area of Speyside.The four wing spots give this species its name; the wings also have a large brown patch at base.
Liz Alderdice | Crocosmia Lucifer

Crocosmia Lucifer

The beautiful red flowers of Crocosmia Lucifer adorn the arching stems in August and early September.
Liz Alderdice | Sakura


Gentle pink cherry blossom flowers adorn a single branch. In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse, besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life
Liz Alderdice | Coltsfoot Seed Head

Coltsfoot Seed Head

A black background contrast with this macro shot of the seed head of the Coltsfoot plant. The flowers, which superficially resemble dandelions, open on leafless stems in early spring before the leaves appear.This herb is used as a herbal remedy and was traditionally applied to the skin to treat skin problems such as inflammation, eczema and stings. The leaf is used to make medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, people take coltsfoot for lung problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and whooping cough (pertussis). They also take it for upper respiratory tract complaints including sore mouth and throat, cough, and hoarseness.
Liz Alderdice | Pink Roses at Dusk

Pink Roses at Dusk

The last of the evening light fades as it briefly illuminates the rose bush.
Liz Alderdice | Rose Leaves

Rose Leaves

So often overlooked, foliage can be quite as beautiful as the flowers in our garden. Here the lovely strong colours of a rose bush are complimented by a darker background.
Liz Alderdice | Tulips


A painterly rendition of multicoloured tulips and a few other spring flowering bulbous plants. A off-white background and white matte complete the image.
Liz Alderdice | Asters


Beautiful purple Aster.
Liz Alderdice | November Rose

November Rose

This white rose is the very last to flower in my garden. November time in Aberdeenshire means short daylight hours which can be quite grey, so it is a joy to look out of my studio and see this brave flower blooming despite the cold, wet and dark. Deliberately offset, the picture carries a serious, realistic mood with the darker background , raindrops and blemishes on the petals and the strand of spider web on the leaves.
Liz Alderdice | Columbine in Yellow

Columbine in Yellow

A soft focus macro of a beautiful yellow Columbine. The focus is on the tiny anthers and stamens while the gentle blur gives a golden hue. Brush strokes are used in this rendition.
Liz Alderdice | Tomatoes on The Vine

Tomatoes on The Vine

One of several crops of tomatoes in a green-fingered friend''s poly tunnel in Aberdeenshire. A striking image which would look good in the kitchen or as a gift to a garden lover!