2018 Images

Simon Blades | Poppy in Field

Poppy in Field

Lone poppy in a field, North Yorkshire
Simon Blades | Rock Carving

Rock Carving

Old rock carvings at Ilkley Moor.
Simon Blades | Santa Monica - Route 66

Santa Monica - Route 66

End of Route 66 located at Santa Monica Pier, CA
Simon Blades | Flames


Flames from a fire pit in Long Beach, CA
Simon Blades | Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Sign at the end of Santa Monica Pier, CA
Simon Blades | Whitley Thorpe Farm

Whitley Thorpe Farm

Farm building in the local area
Simon Blades | Monterey Fisherman

Monterey Fisherman

Fisherman carving at Monterey, CA