Newcastle upon Tyne

John Ellis | Blue Millennium

Blue Millennium

The Millennium Bridge spanning the Tyne at Newcastle Quayside
John Ellis | Tyne Bridges

Tyne Bridges

The Tyne Bridges in selective colour
John Ellis | Tropical Tyne

Tropical Tyne

Newcastle Quayside and the Tyne Bridge basking in summer
John Ellis | A Reflection of Sage

A Reflection of Sage

The Sage Gateshead reflects in the River Tyne on a night time shot of the quayside
John Ellis | Golden Tyne

Golden Tyne

The Tyne Bridges basking in a glorious sunset. Taken in March 2018
John Ellis | Swing Bridge

Swing Bridge

Despite belief the Swing Bridge was the fourth bridge to be built spanning the Tyne by the River Tyne Commission in 1851, It was first used to road traffic in 15th June 1856 and then opened up to river traffic on 17th July 1856. It ceased operations to river traffic around December 1981 although the bridge still swings four times a week.
John Ellis | Baltic Flower Mill

Baltic Flower Mill

The Baltic Flour Mill was built by Rank Hovis to a late-1930s design by architects Gelder and Kitchen and completed in 1950. It was extended in 1957 by the addition of an animal feed mill. The mill was closed in 1981.[11] It was one of a number of mills located along the banks of the Tyne, all of which, due to their size, were prominent local landmarks. The Spillers mill just downstream from the Baltic on the north bank of the river was demolished in 2011. It is now a centre for Contemporary Art
John Ellis | Dreamscape


The lake at Big Water's Country Park near Newcastle Airport, captured during a tranquil sunset