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It's All Music To Me

Music sheeting and musical instrument placed together to make this photo. Music sheets have been arround since 1475 since that first sheet came off the press
A Atkinson | Psaltery


Psaltery is a triangular instrument normally 22 bowed strings attatched. Took this photo of my psaltery that I have at home thought it would make a lovely picture.
A Atkinson | Just Music

Just Music

Sheet music has been with us since 1473 when the first sheet came off the press, sheet music is a representative of styles and rhythm that one places in order to make a melody.
A Atkinson | Music


A Music Sheet that highlights the pitch, sound level and tone of a particular note or instrument. the very first Sheet music was first printed in 1473 and has since been used for all sorts of purposes, music, piano, guitar, television, plays, drama and so on.