East Yorkshire

David Hollingworth | St Michaels and All Saints

St Michaels and All Saints

Garton's church, St Michael's and All Angels, was designated a Grade I listed building in 1966 and is now recorded in the National Heritage List for England, maintained by Historic England. It is on the Sykes Churches Trail devised by the East Yorkshire Churches Group. The church dates back to Norman times, circa 1132. In the 19th century it was restored by John Loughborough Pearson, with funding from Sir Tatton Sykes, 4th Baronet of nearby Sledmere House. Later his son.
David Hollingworth | Sunshine & Showers

Sunshine & Showers

Early December Afternoon on Pump Lane just outside St. Michaels Church, Garton on the Wolds we wondered if it was going to be another heavy shower the suddenly the Sun came out and illuminated this half of the Village
David Hollingworth | 148 Squardon Memorial

148 Squardon Memorial

Caught in a late winter's afternoon is The 148 Squardron's Memorial sighted out of the village of Lissett in East Yorkshire, the memorial was erected in the grounds of the old RAF Lissett Station which is now a Wind Farm
David Hollingworth | Scarborough Mere

Scarborough Mere

Last day of Winter an afternoon photograph looking down the Mere, in a westerley direction soon to be a hive of activity with visiting waterfowl who will breed during the spring time early summer months. The Mere on the Western side of Scarborough is managed by the Scarborough Fishing Club
David Hollingworth | Driffield Canal Basin

Driffield Canal Basin

From the old wharf to the town lock on the horizon Driffield's old canal basin has been restored and refurbished in recent years to a high standard, mills have been converted to flats the rivered has been created providing a natural habitat to the canal banks whillst an access is now available to all past the town lock to follow the canal on it's route to the Humber
David Hollingworth | St Martins

St Martins

St Martins is the Parish Church of Burton Agnes, it is situated to the West of Buton Agnes Hall. In the chancel is a stone carving of William Wilberforce, placed there by his son Robert, who served as rector of Burton Agnes from 1840-1845. Robert Wilberforce also presented the east window in memory of his father. PLEASE NOTE IF A CANVAS PRINT IS ORDERED PART OF THE GABLE END WILL BE LOST IN THE WRAP
David Hollingworth | As Free As A Bird

As Free As A Bird

Soaring Like a Bird above Sewerby Cliff Tops, North Bay, Bridlington one of the Paragliders provides some free entertainment for the onlookers
David Hollingworth | Taking In The View

Taking In The View

Flying off the Sewerby Cliff Tops above Bridlington's North Bay this Paraglider is taking in the sights of not only the Bay, but Bridlington Town and Flamborough Headland
David Hollingworth | Rainbow Delight

Rainbow Delight

First of the year a stunning Rainbow straddles the North Bay Bridlington on the East Coast of Yorkshire England
David Hollingworth | Catching The Thermals

Catching The Thermals

Three Intrepid Para Gliders check out the Thermal at Sewerby Cliff Tops, Bridlington, North Bay. with Sewerby Hall Estate in the background
David Hollingworth | Snowy Sewerby

Snowy Sewerby

A Winter scene lookng accross the Front Lawned area across the Bowling Green and Cricket Field to the North Sea
David Hollingworth | Seweby  Cricket Club

Seweby Cricket Club

A Cricket Club on a Cliff, the Ground is situated next to Sewerby Hall on Sewerby Cliff Tops, I wonder how many'Sixes' have ended up with the Ball being hit into the North Sea
David Hollingworth | Monkey Puzzle Trees

Monkey Puzzle Trees

These trees' leaves are thick, tough, and sharp, scaly triangles around 1 inch at the base and 1.5 inches long. I have always found them mysterious, they can be just a few feet tall but also can grow to massive specimens - all very attractive to the eye. It is called a Monkey Puzzle as it is said that to climb one would puzzle even a monkey.
David Hollingworth | Winter Walks

Winter Walks

The Sunshine has attracted people to walk on Sewerby Cliffs, the Low Sun and shadows illumites The Copse and grasses adding a touch of magic
David Hollingworth | Beeford Sunset

Beeford Sunset

Picture Postcard of the Sun Setting across the farm's garden
David Hollingworth | Sewerby Village

Sewerby Village

The Blue Sky over the village enchances this local beauty are at the edge of Sewerby Cliff Tops on the East Coast of Yorkshire
David Hollingworth | No Play Today

No Play Today

Just the Afternoon for a Cricket Match at Sewerby Cricket Club on Sewerby Cliff Tops set against the North Sea, but alas the Season has been suspened
David Hollingworth | Heritage Way - Flamborough Head

Heritage Way - Flamborough Head

The Heritage way meanders its way along the Coast path approx seven miles sewards to the Flamborough Head which is a Nature as well as a Heritage site, people are drawn to this area not only to see the Iconic Lighthouse with it's booming Fog Horn, but to view a diverse wild life regular parties of Bird Watches can be seen at all times of the year. The Headland is guarded by steep Limestone Cliffs to both the North & South elevations, it is therefore a first choice for the Coastguards to train the Cliff Rescue Teams, off shore is very populare with divers seeking the many shipwrecks. Looking from the cliff's edge in a north easterly direction the Lightouse is eaily visable to the left and the 'Clock' Tower which is adjecent to Flamborough's Golf Course.
David Hollingworth | Sewerby Cricket Pavilion

Sewerby Cricket Pavilion

A Local Landmark Sewerby's Cricket Pavilion nestles on Sewerby Cliff Top, next to Sewerby Hall, I often wonder how many 'sixes' have been knocked into the North Sea, her she is all Redecorated waiting for the next Match.
David Hollingworth | Bridal Way

Bridal Way

The Bridal Way on Sewerby Cliff Tops runs between the grounds of Sewerby Hall and Sewerby Cricket Club as it continues it becomes part of the Heritage Way to Flamborough Head.
David Hollingworth | Sewerby Hall

Sewerby Hall

Grade I listed Sewerby Hall. The Georgian core of the house was built 1714-1720 by John Greame with later additions in 1808, 1830s, 40s, and 90s; modern day Sewerby Hall & Gardens have been voted on several occasions as Britain's Favourtie Picnic Area. * This Photograph was taken from Public Land*
David Hollingworth | Driffield Canal Side

Driffield Canal Side

Low sunlight over Driffield Canal on a November Afternoon casts a golden glow illuminating this canal side Farmhouse and the rippled reflections over the water, the scene looks more Autuminal than Winter, fallen scattered leaves have decorated the Canal Side.
David Hollingworth | Church Avenue

Church Avenue

An avenue of Trees absorbs the Afternoon Sun which leads to St Martins Church,an Historic Church, Lowthorpe, East Yorkshire in the diocese of Driffield.
David Hollingworth | Weaverthorpe Village

Weaverthorpe Village

Weaverthorpe is situated on the northern edge of the Yorkshire Wolds between Scarborough, Bridlington and Driffield. The village Church was built in the 12th Century and it doors are alway open, the photograph depicts a typical Wolds Village in this largley Agicultural County
David Hollingworth | Laid Up

Laid Up

Winter's rest for the rowing boats at Hornsea Mere it is a change to wee them the 'right' way up in the closed season, maybe they are hired out to fisherman, the seat appear to be covered in a thick coat of frost
David Hollingworth | Laid Up

Laid Up

Winter's rest for the rowing boats at Hornsea Mere it is a change to wee them the 'right' way up in the closed season, maybe they are hired out to fisherman, the seat appear to be covered in a thick coat of frost