James Biggadike | 1st Cavalry Hueys

1st Cavalry Hueys

UH-1 Huey helicopters of the 1st Cavalry thunder through the Vietnamese jungle
James Biggadike | 100 Years of 33

100 Years of 33

Centenary commission piece for No.33 Squadron Royal Air Force.
James Biggadike | Joint Helicopter Command

Joint Helicopter Command

The RAF operates a total of 34 HC2s, 6 HC2As and 8 HC3s (the HC3 has yet to enter operational service). The Chinooks are part of the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) at RAF Odiham in Hampshire. Odiham supports three operational squadrons, No 7 Squadron, No 18 Squadron and No 27 Squadron, and the Operational Conversion Flight.
James Biggadike | Apache Escort

Apache Escort

Army Apaches from 662 squadron escort a Chinook over Afghanistan
James Biggadike | Apache Support

Apache Support

The awesome Apache AH64 Gunship. Always outnumbered never outgunned
James Biggadike | Arctic King

Arctic King

Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter with Arctic camouflage
James Biggadike | Apache Gunship

Apache Gunship

The AgustaWestland AH Mk 1 Apache. The Apache has become a valued form of close air support in the continuing conflict in Afghanistan, being deployed to the region since 2006.
James Biggadike | Apache Fire

Apache Fire

The mighty Apache Longbow. Always outnumbered, never outgunned
James Biggadike | Army Lynx

Army Lynx

An AAC Lynx helicopter slows to a hover above the autumn countryside. Lynx is the British Army's primary battlefield utility helicopter.
James Biggadike | Apache Hellfire

Apache Hellfire

The explosive Army Air Corps Apache Gunship Role Demo
James Biggadike | Big Cat Sunrise

Big Cat Sunrise

A RAF Puma 2 on the pan at RAF Benson. Composite Image
James Biggadike | Black Hawk Silhouette

Black Hawk Silhouette

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter silhouetted against the sun
James Biggadike | Centenary Chinook

Centenary Chinook

Boeing Chinook HC4 ZA712 18 Squadron 100th Anniversary
James Biggadike | CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Chinook

Boing CH-47 Chinook of he Royal Air Force
James Biggadike | Chinook Supply Drop

Chinook Supply Drop

Overview of a small village in Kunar province, Afghanistan. An RAF Chinook powers out of the valley after a supply drop.
James Biggadike | Chinook Lifter

Chinook Lifter

RAF Chinook helicopter low through the hills on a misty morning. Composite image
James Biggadike | Chinook Sunrise

Chinook Sunrise

A Royal Air Force CH47 Chinook helicopter
James Biggadike | Chinook Heavy Lifter

Chinook Heavy Lifter

A RAF CH47 Chinook carrying a Snatch Landrover underneath over a misty Oxfordshire landscape. Compiste Image
James Biggadike | Chinook In The Snow

Chinook In The Snow

RAF Chinook taking off in the snow
James Biggadike | Chinook


A Royal Air Force Boeing CH47 Chinook takes off
James Biggadike | Chinook Work Horse

Chinook Work Horse

A RAF Chinook helicopter taking off in the dirt as the sun rises
James Biggadike | Centenary Chinook Tour

Centenary Chinook Tour

Special Scheme Chinooks Painted to celebrate the 100th anniversaries of 18(B) and 27 Squadron from RAF Odiham and 28 Squadron from RAF Benson. Composite Image
James Biggadike | Close Air Support

Close Air Support

The Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter. Unrivalled close air support platform
James Biggadike | Royal Navy Rescue

Royal Navy Rescue

The Royal Navy Sea King MK5. The distinctive Sea King Mk5 – painted red and grey – saves hundreds of lives each year on Search and Rescue thanks to the selfless acts of Navy crews above the stormy waters of the Western Approaches or the mountains of western Scotland. Composite Image
James Biggadike | SAR Sea King

SAR Sea King

Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Sea King. The Sea King is scheduled for retirement in 2015
James Biggadike | Sea King Saviour

Sea King Saviour

The famous bright Yellow Sea King helicopter of the Royal Air Force Search & Rescue. Created for the Morayvia tourism project in Kinloss
James Biggadike | King Of The Seas

King Of The Seas

The Royal Navy Search & Rescue Helicopter, The Sea King Composite Image
James Biggadike | King Of The Seas

King Of The Seas

Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter out over the sea, silhouetted against the setting sun
James Biggadike | Sea King Rescue

Sea King Rescue

The iconic RAF Sea King Rescue helicopter plucking a stricken individual from the stormy sea Composite Image
James Biggadike | King Of Ben Nevis

King Of Ben Nevis

RAF Sea King helicopter and Ben Nevis covered in snow. Composite Image
James Biggadike | Sea King Mountain Rescue

Sea King Mountain Rescue

Gone from the skies around the UK, the Iconic yellow RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter Composite Image
James Biggadike | Farewell To The Lynx

Farewell To The Lynx

January 2018 and the British Army bids farewell to the Westland Lynx Helicopter
James Biggadike | Puma Force

Puma Force

A pair of Royal Air Force Puma Helicopters low level through the hills