04 Flowers and Flora

Robert  Gipson | Dahlia flowers.

Dahlia flowers.

A pink and yellow dahlia flower bloom lit by the rays of the sun. This picture is with added texture.
Robert  Gipson | Foxglove flowers

Foxglove flowers

Foxglove flowers (Digitalis purpurea) growing to the sky with a textured background.

Robert  Gipson | Red Rosehip Berries

Red Rosehip Berries

Bright red rosehip berries in an out of bounds frame.
Robert  Gipson | A single rose bloom

A single rose bloom

A single pink blooming English rose with water drops on it's petals. Rose is a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa.
Robert  Gipson | Dahlia pom pom flower

Dahlia pom pom flower

Dahlia pom pom flower. A single red bloom. A member of the Asteraceae, dicotyledonous plants,
Robert  Gipson | Dahlia flower on texture

Dahlia flower on texture

A single pink Dhalia flower bloom in the bright sunshine against a textured background.
Robert  Gipson | Pink Dahlia flower

Pink Dahlia flower

A single pink dahlia flower in full bloom against a black background.
Robert  Gipson | Foxglove flowers

Foxglove flowers

Reaching for the sky is a Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) presented on a textured background.
Robert  Gipson | The Red Poppy

The Red Poppy

A single red poppy in full bloom in bright sunlight.
Robert  Gipson | Potpourri of flower blooms.

Potpourri of flower blooms.

A multi exposure of several brightly coloured flowers merged into one brightly coloured floral picture.
Robert  Gipson | Calla Lily

Calla Lily

A single pink single flowering Calla lilly.
Robert  Gipson | Dog Rose Flower

Dog Rose Flower

A Dog Rose.Rosa canina. A typical plant to found is many English hedgerows.
Robert  Gipson | Red Rose on texture.

Red Rose on texture.

A single blooming wet red rose with an added texture overlay.
Robert  Gipson | Plastic wrap flowers

Plastic wrap flowers

Brightly coloured red / yellow flowers are given the 'plastic wrap' process.
Robert  Gipson | Rowan tree and berries

Rowan tree and berries

A rowan tree with it's red berries on the textured sky background.
Robert  Gipson | Rowan on wood

Rowan on wood

A Rowan tree and it's berries on a textured wood background.
Robert  Gipson | Roses are red

Roses are red

English red and white climbing roses in an English garden.
Robert  Gipson | Snow Crocus

Snow Crocus

A crocus flower in bloom on a snowy spring day.
Robert  Gipson | Flower in the frame

Flower in the frame

A bright red flower known as an everlasting flower is captured in a out of frame picture.
Robert  Gipson | Everlasting flower

Everlasting flower

A single Xerochrysum bracteatum, commonly known as the golden everlasting or strawflower, flower with an added texture background. Xerochrysumis also known as the everlasting flower or straw flower, as it is a dry flower and last a long time on display.
Robert  Gipson | Red flower on texture

Red flower on texture

A red flower in full summer bloom on a textured background.
Robert  Gipson | Lily flower in full bloom

Lily flower in full bloom

Lilium is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants grown from bulbs, all with large prominent flowers. 
Robert  Gipson | Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

A beautiful yellow rose in a bunch of flowers.
Robert  Gipson | Red Rose

Red Rose

A single wet red rose from an English country garden.
Robert  Gipson | The pink rose

The pink rose

A single pink rose blossom flower.
Robert  Gipson | Just another red rose

Just another red rose

A close up of an English country garden red rose.
Robert  Gipson | Dahlia flower in full bloom

Dahlia flower in full bloom

A single pink and yellow dahlia flower in full bloom.
Robert  Gipson | Dahlia Flower Power

Dahlia Flower Power

A single pink Dahlia flower bloom with some added background plants above some water. Dahlia is a bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial plant native to Mexico.