John Hare | They Shoot Horses Don't They?

They Shoot Horses Don't They?

The Glitterball also known as They Shoot Horses Don't They? is located on Blackpool's South Prom close to The Pleasure Beach. It is the worlds largest revolving glitterball made up of over 46,000 mirrors. If you look closely at this image you can see the promenade reflected in the mirrors of the ball. This image plays on the symmetry of the surroundings giving it a wonderful balance.
John Hare | Mary's Shell

Mary's Shell

Mary's Shell is part of a public artwork trial on Cleveleys Promenade near Blackpool. The shell which is 10 metres long and 4 metres high is situated on Cleveleys Beach, at low tide it is totally exposed and depending on the tide height is partially or totally covered at high tide. The shell together with other large artworks were inspired by a book called The Sea Swallow written for children that tells a story set on a mythological local coast, but is it a myth? Local history tells of a long lost village situated off the coast that was lost to the sea in the 16th century when sea levels rose due to coastal erosion.
John Hare | Mary's Shell Sunset

Mary's Shell Sunset

Mary's Shell is situated on Cleveleys Beach just north of Blackpool. The shell is featured in a book called The Sea Swallow and this together with other large public artworks form part of a public art trail along the stunning new promenade. In this image the setting sun can be seen literally a minute before it finally sinks below the horizon casting its final golden hues on the day.
John Hare | Icons


A view of two icons of Blackpool South Promenade, the Glitter Ball and in the background The Big One Blackpool Pleasure Beach. To many visitors to Blackpool the items of public art such as the Glitter Ball often go unnoticed. Along the whole Promenade from South Beach all the way to Cleveleys there are some lovely examples of public art that enhance a stroll along the sea front.
John Hare | The Jetty

The Jetty

A long exposure view of the jetty at Lytham near Blackpool, Lancashire. The waters of the River Ribble smoothed out by the long exposure with the incoming tide washing around the base of the marker post. Looking across the river estuary Southport can be seen on the horizon.
John Hare | Lytham Mill

Lytham Mill

A long exposure shot of Lytham Mill, near Blackpool Lancashire, the clouds in the sky being smoothed out by the longer exposure time. There has been a mill on this site since the 1700's with the current mill being initially constructed on Lytham Green in 1805. This mill is situated close to the banks of the River Ribble and is a local landmark on a lovely open public space on the edge of the popular town of Lytham.
John Hare | Cleveleys Promenade

Cleveleys Promenade

A view of Cleveleys Promenade shot as a long exposure to smooth out the waves at high tide giving this image a surreal feel. The curves of the steps known as the Spanish Steps lead the eye effortlessly through the image. If you look carefully the hills of the West Lake District can be seen in the far distance on the north end of Morcambe Bay.
John Hare | Good Hope

Good Hope

Good Hope is an old fishing boat that fished out of Fleetwood for many years. It was then sold and moved up the River Wyre to a small mooring on Skippool Creek to be renovated into a leisure boat. Despite several attempts to make it watertight these failed, it was like she has retired never to sail again. There is something that attracts sailors and photographers alike to the boat. This image looks wonderful printed as a canvas, the texture in the canvas really enhances to gritty beauty of the scene.
John Hare | Light On Mary's Shell

Light On Mary's Shell

Wonderful light illuminates this side profile shot of the iconic Mary's Shell situated on Cleveleys Beach near Blackpool England. The shell is a large structure some 10 metres long and 4 metres high and is one of several large public art installations along the wonderful promenade at Cleveleys. The Shell is from a book written for children called The Sea Swallow which is set along a mythical coastline. This is a long exposure shot taken whilst the shell was semi submerged by a high tide and processed to give it a fine art feel.
John Hare | Mary's Shell

Mary's Shell

A black and white fine art version of the iconic Mary's Shell on Cleveleys Beach near Blackpool Lancashire. This view shows the shell partially submerged by a high tide. The shell is featured in the children's book The Sea Swallow that tells a tale set in a mythical land situated off the Fylde Coast.
John Hare | Beached


FD Clarain is an old fishing boat that fished out of Fleetwood Docks. Due to fishing quotas being imposed on many of the owners of vessels this together with several other fishing boats were stripped of all their gear and the intentionally beached on a high flood tide on the River Wyre estuary. If you look closely to the left side of the image you can see parts of Fleetwood docks buildings, a sad end to boats that made the town of Fleetwood famous for fish. With the death of these boats it signalled the end for Fleetwood fish.
John Hare | Mary's Shell Mono

Mary's Shell Mono

A Black and white version of Mary's Shell with a stunning sky reflected in a pool of water on the beach. The Shell is a large piece of public art situated on Cleveleys Beach near Blackpool Lancashire and forms part of the theme of a book written for children called The Sea Swallow. Since it was installed it has been enjoyed by thousands of visitors and provides a focal point to the brand new promenade at Cleveleys. NB This image is not suitable for a wrapped canvas.