Digital Pokery

Steve Stamford | Your point is

Your point is

An old building, a garden ornament and a bored pixel pusher.
Steve Stamford | Tiger drinking

Tiger drinking

Amur tiger at the water's edge
Steve Stamford | Just watching

Just watching

Just watching is a composition of two original photographs of mine. The window is from a castle ruin, the creature is a garden ornament photographed at my local garden centre.
Steve Stamford | The Mage

The Mage

Take one garden ornament, one pixel pusher and a smattering of digital editing and here you have - The Mage. Composite of two original images of mine plus a lot of what I call 'digital pokery'.
Steve Stamford | Trawler in a storm

Trawler in a storm

An original image of the trawler Sarb J of mine and a digital storm created by Jay Lethbridge. The trawler did indeed end up on the rocks after it got snarled in its own nets.
Steve Stamford | Textured tulip in the rain

Textured tulip in the rain

Single pink and white tulip adorned with raindrops against a textured background.
Steve Stamford | Oiling the cogs

Oiling the cogs

A montage of mono images combined to reflect mechanical engineering of years gone by. All images used in this montage are original to me and available to purchase individually upon request.
Steve Stamford | The wrecks

The wrecks

This is a montage of several original images of mine - Talacre lighthouse and a wreck at Barry Island in Wales. A reminder of times gone by when both the wreck and the lighthouse were 'of their time' and now. . . Just history
Steve Stamford | Top of the world

Top of the world

A surreal image created with 3 of my original photographs and rather a lot of photoshop. The 'island' is Puffin Island, Anglesey, the rocks / waterfall Padley Gorge and the land, barn and tree are near Bakewell, Derbyshire.
Steve Stamford | You let me down

You let me down

A composite image from multiple original files of mine. Mixing an abandoned lighthouse with the Seafarer's Memorial to give an intriguing, slightly sad effect.
Steve Stamford | Harris Hawk fractal

Harris Hawk fractal

A Harris Hawk close up with a fractal filter.
Steve Stamford | None shall pass

None shall pass

A small dragon gaurding the stairs with a decided None shall pass attitutude. Another of my warped mind creations combining two original images plus several digital effects.
Steve Stamford | Fractal flower

Fractal flower

A computer generated repeating fractal pattern.
Steve Stamford | Fractal 2

Fractal 2

An entirely computer generated fractal pattern.