10 Cannock Chase

Ann Garrett | Autumn Mystery Cannock Chase

Autumn Mystery Cannock Chase

The wonderful colours of Autumn on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire
Ann Garrett | Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

Beautiful colours of autumn on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.
Ann Garrett | Beech Tree on Cannock Chase

Beech Tree on Cannock Chase

A gorgeous beech tree clothed in glowing red autumn colours. On Cannock CHase in Staffordshire.
Ann Garrett | Autumn Abstract

Autumn Abstract

An abstract interoretation of the beautiful colours in the woods on Cannock Chase.
Ann Garrett | Winter Sparkles

Winter Sparkles

A fantasy winter image taken with a vintage lens. A solitary autumn leaf clinging to a snow covered branch along a sparkly winter path.