Ian Lewis |  Tidmarsh Meadows in Autumn

Tidmarsh Meadows in Autumn

The meadows between Tidmarsh and Sulham in West Berkshire on an autumnal day. Tidmarsh is situated on the road between Pangbourne and Theale and parallel to this flows the River Pang, passing through the mill where the author Lytton Strachey once lived. This image shows the footpath to Sulham as it winds under the tree before crossing a small stream.
Ian Lewis |  Footpath Bridge at Tidmarsh Berkshire

Footpath Bridge at Tidmarsh Berkshire

The wooden footpath bridge taking the footpath linking the villages of Tidmarsh and Sulham in West Berkshire over the brook, sometimes called the Tid Brook, This view was captured one morning in late October.
Ian Lewis |  Across The Valley To Midgeham

Across The Valley To Midgeham

The parish church of St Matthew at Midgeham in West Berkshire viewed from the towpath of the Kennet and Avon Canal. There had been a chapel at Midgeham since the early 1300s but the parish church seen here was not built and consecrated until the late 1850s. Commisioned by the local squire, it was designed by John Johnson in the Early English style which was very popular in the Victorian period. It has a peal of six bells, the oldest having been cast in 1674.
Ian Lewis | Yellow Rowing Boat

Yellow Rowing Boat

A yellow and blue rowing boat pulled up on to the shore of an island in the middle of a lake. How does the owner get to it? Another boat perhaps?
Ian Lewis | The River Pang At Tidmarsh

The River Pang At Tidmarsh

The footbridge over the River Pang at Tidmarsh in West Berkshire. Here the footpath follows the banks of the river to the Moor Copse Nature Reserve. Through the gate ahead, over a stile and across the bridge is the ancient parish church of St Laurence. Tidmarsh is a village by the River Pang, lying on the A340 between Pangbourne and Theale. This image was captured early in December on a bright, frosty morning.
Ian Lewis | Cobstone Windmill Above Turville

Cobstone Windmill Above Turville

This picturesque windmill stands on the hillside above the pretty village of Turville in the Buckinghamshire Chilterns. Sometimes known as Ibstone Mill or Turville Mill, it was built in the early 1800s to replace a much earlier one. It is of the design known as a 'smock mill' as the wooden weatherboarding looked like a farmworker's smock. This is a Grade 2 listed building.
Ian Lewis | The Brook at Tidmarsh

The Brook at Tidmarsh

The brook flowing through the fields separating the villages of Tidmarsh and Sulham in West Berkshire. The footpath leads walkers across the water by way of a wooden bridge. This is the view looking west towards Tidmarsh on a winter's day. A little further along the path is Tidmarsh Mill on the River Pang, once the home of Lytton Strachey and Dora Carrington. The meadow just across the bridge here is called Oxley's Shaw.
Ian Lewis | Snowy Tidmarsh Meadows

Snowy Tidmarsh Meadows

A meadow, Oxley's Shaw, in the the village of Tidmarsh, West Berkshire after a fall of snow. This is close by the River Pang and Tidmarsh Mill, once the home of Lytton Strachey and Dora Carrington - part of the 'Bloomsbury Set'. The path here runs through the meadows connecting the villages of Tidmarsh and Sulham.
Ian Lewis | The Pang Valley from Sulham Woods

The Pang Valley from Sulham Woods

A view from the gateway into Sulham Woods in West Berkshire looking over the village of Sulham and the Pang Valley. This was captured late on a January afternoon as the sun was dropping to the horizon. The Pang Valley follows the course of the River Pang which flows from near Bucklebury to the Thames at Pangbourne. The village of Sulham, at the bottom of the hill lies on the banks of the Sul Brook, a smaller tributary which also joins the Thames further downstream.
Ian Lewis |  Abandoned Farm Building

Abandoned Farm Building

An abandoned corrugated iron farm storage shed near Sulham Woods in West Berkshire. This image was captured one afternoon in late January as the low sun was sending long shadows over the fields. In the background can be seen Sulham Woods, administered by the Forestry Commission and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Sulham is a small village nestling at the foot of Sulham Hill and lying by the banks of the Sul Brook which makes its way to the Thames near Pangbourne.
Ian Lewis |  Bridge Over The Woodland River

Bridge Over The Woodland River

A wooden bridge crossing the River Pang as it flows through Moor Copse nature reserve on the outskirts of Tidmarsh in Berkshire. The Pang flows from the Berkshire Downs to Pangbourne where it meets the Thames. This image was taken during a summer walk through the woodland and captures the play of light and shade as the sun beams through the trees.