David Hollingworth | A Southern Lass

A Southern Lass

A member of the American Civil War Society taking part in the re-enactment of the Battle of Appomattox as a Soldier in the Confederate Army at Sewerby Hall
David Hollingworth | GI


American GI taking part in Bridlingon Old Town's 1940 Festival during 2018 I have attempted to portray the sheer grit and determination of the Role undertaken by the reenactor.
David Hollingworth | Port Defences

Port Defences

A Cannon stands guard over the Hull Marina giving a stark contrast of ancient and modern, the cannno a reminder of Hull's Maritme Heritage and the adjacent Office Blocks looking forward to Hull as a thriving City of he Future.
David Hollingworth | National Media Museum Bradford

National Media Museum Bradford

The Museum based in Cetral Bradford when this Photograph was taken used to hold the Royal Photograph Society Collection. they are now housed in London,. The Film, Media, Radio, Web Photography remain. This Photograph was taken fromthe Public Highway.