winter snow

tammy mellor | snowy day in staffordshire

snowy day in staffordshire

the road goes up to gun hill in staffordshire will the man make it to the top as he walks in the fresh cold crisp snow
tammy mellor | the roaches

the roaches

taken from tittisworth looking towards the roaches one cold and snowy morning
tammy mellor | winter morning walk

winter morning walk

a cold mornings walk across the mount in leek staffordshire i just love how the snow sticks to the trees and makes them come alive in winter
tammy mellor | winter sunrise

winter sunrise

a very cold morning in staffordshire the sun is lighting up the sky producing some awesome patterns
tammy mellor | sunrise in flash

sunrise in flash

sun just beginning to rise between the two buildings in the highest village in England in staffordshire on a very cold winters morning it was minus 6
tammy mellor | country road

country road

mount road in leek staffordshire a lovely country lane covered in snow and the street light looks like the road is on fire