Weardale and Teesdale

Reg Atkinson | First Snow at Cow Green

First Snow at Cow Green

Cow Green Reservoir, located in County Durham, close to the North Pennines and area of outstanding natural beauty and is one of the highest placed reservoirs in England. In the distance are the Little Dun and Cross Fells, some 10 km away. The reservoir feed the River Tees and water is released in dry periods downstream to Teeside.
Reg Atkinson | Autumnal High Force

Autumnal High Force

High Force is located on the Ricer Tees, within the Teesdale, County Durham, close to the village of Middleton in Teesdale. The Tees plunges 71 feet over the falls, flowing onwards to the Low Force falls further down-steam. The waterfall is affected by the release of water from the Cow Green reservoir located further up-stream.
Reg Atkinson | Cronkley Pasture Teesdale

Cronkley Pasture Teesdale

The wooden bridge close to High Force leading through to a snow covered area known as Pasture Foot, that is the start of Cronkley Pasture, captured with a stunning sunset.