Sunrises & Sunsets

Rawshutterbug  | When the Sun Rose

When the Sun Rose

Bright Orange sunrise at this yellow rapeseed field with a single tree.
Rawshutterbug  | Three Trees At Golden Hour

Three Trees At Golden Hour

Golden hour, wonderful light, just before sunset, looking across a potato field, towards the three trees that dominate the landscape.
Rawshutterbug  | Butlins Minehead Sunrise

Butlins Minehead Sunrise

Sunrise at the holiday resort Butlins in Minehead. Taken from the Minehead harbour.
Rawshutterbug  | Harderwijk Sunset

Harderwijk Sunset

Sunset at the Strandboulevard West in Harderwijk Netherlands. Looking towards the Beach Island with its bar & restaurant Walhalla.
Rawshutterbug  | Lone Tree Sunrise

Lone Tree Sunrise

A lone tree on a field in the Staffordshire Countryside. Photographed at sunrise
Rawshutterbug  | Smoky Canal Sunrise

Smoky Canal Sunrise

Sunrise on a foggy morning by a canal.
Rawshutterbug  | Orange Glow Sunset Over Chasewater

Orange Glow Sunset Over Chasewater

An orange glow sunset over the water ski hut at the Chasewater Country Park in Staffordshire England.