Flowers & Trees

Terri Waters | Iris


A beautiful purple and gold iris flower on a pure white background.
Terri Waters | Bee On A Yellow Flower

Bee On A Yellow Flower

A close up of a bee on a yellow flower with a dark green background
Terri Waters | Camellia


A close up image of a red camellia
Terri Waters | Mauve Rosebud Bokeh

Mauve Rosebud Bokeh

These romantic mauve roses have a wonderful colour and perfume and are a delight to see and smell.
Terri Waters | The Nearly Home Trees

The Nearly Home Trees

Anyone who has ever been in and out of Cornwall will recognise the beloved 'nearly home' trees. The small copse of beech trees, found on a hill beside the A30 near Lifton, marks the border between Cornwall and Devon and are a familiar sight for anyone leaving on their travels or returning home.