Sunset Through to Sunrise

Terri Waters | Pendennis Moonrise

Pendennis Moonrise

The Gyllyngvase beach side of Pendennis Castle is the perfect place to watch the moon rise over the sea.
Terri Waters | St Mawes Sunset

St Mawes Sunset

St Mawes is a beautiful castle on the Roseland in south west Cornwall any time of day, even more so at sunset. It sits majestically on the hill opposite it's larger partner, Pendennis Castle guarding the entrance of Falmouth Harbour and Falmouth Bay.
Terri Waters | Sunset Tide

Sunset Tide

The sun setting over The Brisons seen from Porth Nanven Cove as the tide come in. Cot valley is a beautiful valley dissected by a narrow stream running northwest to the coast between Land’s End and Cape Cornwall. At the bottom of the sub-tropical valley you will find Cot Valley Beach, also known as Porth Nanven Cove.
Terri Waters | Trevose Head Lighthouse

Trevose Head Lighthouse

Designed in the mid-19th century to bridge the gap in ship guidance in the Bristol Channel between the Longships lighthouse near Land’s End and Lundy off the coast of North Devon, Trevose Head lighthouse sits proudly on the headland warning passing ships of the dangerous coast. Trevose’s keepers’ cottages have now been converted into holiday lets, offering visitors a unique place to stay, with stunning views and a real understanding of being exposed to the elements, though ear plugs are recommended in times of fog!
Terri Waters | Sunrise Over The Roseland Cornwall

Sunrise Over The Roseland Cornwall

I'm not usually up before the sun but one morning in October 2018 I was wide awake so decided to cycle up the hill to the field above Mylor Bridge and Restronguet to watch the sun come up over The Roseland Peninsular. I'm so glad I did as this golden sunrise will never be forgotten.