Shropshire General

Simon Hark | Trench Pool

Trench Pool

Sunset over Trench Pool in Trench Telford Shropshire.
Simon Hark | Middle Pool

Middle Pool

A golden sunset over the Middle Pool in Trench Telford Shropshire.
Simon Hark | Wrekin View

Wrekin View

A panoramic view of the County of Shropshire from the top of Wrekin Hill in Telford.
Simon Hark | Trench Dawn

Trench Dawn

A misty moody morning in Trench Telford Shropshire
Simon Hark | Autumn Tree

Autumn Tree

A tree stands straight on an incline in the town of Trench Shropshire showing all its Autumn Colors
Simon Hark | View of Middle Pool

View of Middle Pool

This body of water in Trench Shropshire is named Middle Pool and makes up many pools and balancing lakes across the Telford area.