Terri Waters | Portreath Harbour In Monochrome

Portreath Harbour In Monochrome

On the north coast of Cornwall is the picturesque village of Portreath. Not the busy port it was when mining was in its heyday, it is still a magnet for surfers and photographers, especially when a storm is forecast. The harbour at Portreath was begun in 1760 to meet the demands of the developing ore industry in the Camborne and Redruth area. In 1846 the harbour was extended with the inner basin being constructed and in the 1860s New Dock, now commonly known as the Little Beach was constructed.
Terri Waters | Restronguet Weir In Monochrome

Restronguet Weir In Monochrome

A black and white image of Restronguet Weir. The scenery is exceptional at Restronguet Passage in Cornwall. It covers a varied stretch of crag and beach, from Weir beach up towards the Pandora Inn and the Carnon River beyond. The winding lanes and tree-covered paths feel like secrets nobody else has discovered, offering glimpses of outstanding natural beauty out to the water.
Terri Waters | Lighthouse Storm In Monochrome

Lighthouse Storm In Monochrome

A black and white image of Longships Lighthouse off Land's End in Cornwall taken during Storm Diana in November 2018.
Terri Waters | Fireworks


A monochromatic image of fireworks.
Terri Waters | The Magical Nearly Home Trees

The Magical Nearly Home Trees

Anyone who has ever been in and out of Cornwall will recognise the beloved 'nearly home' trees. The small copse of beech trees, found on a hill beside the A30 near Lifton, marks the border between Cornwall and Devon and are a familiar sight for anyone leaving on their travels or returning home.