Mountain Landscapes

Mark Stinchon | Indian Ocean Landscape

Indian Ocean Landscape

View from the top of one of the Mountain on Mahe Island Seychelles looking over the tropical forests leading down to the tropical Indian Ocean
Mark Stinchon | Mountain view to Indian Ocean

Mountain view to Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean view from the top of a Mountain on Mahe Island Seychelles with the lush Green tropical forests
Mark Stinchon | Scottish Valley Landscape

Scottish Valley Landscape

Landscape photo taken on a trip through the Scottish Highlands looking down the mountain through thr valley with snow capped mountain peaks
Mark Stinchon | Lake District Landscape

Lake District Landscape

Landscape photo of Buttermere Lake from the hills
Mark Stinchon | Widdop Rocks

Widdop Rocks

The view from the top of Widdop Rocks
Mark Stinchon | Mam Tor Path

Mam Tor Path

The footpath lead down from the top of Mam Tor in the Peak District. Morning Mist in the background from the little village near by
Mark Stinchon | Mam Tor Fence

Mam Tor Fence

The fence leading up to Mam Tor in the Peak District. Nice cloudy sky with the sun rising in the background
Mark Stinchon | Sunrise Landscape

Sunrise Landscape

Photo was taken of the sunrise over the forest with the broken branch in the foreground leading to the tree line and the gorgeous colours in the sky from the rising sun.
Mark Stinchon | Pendle Hill Sunrise

Pendle Hill Sunrise

This is a photo taken of Pendle Hill at Sunrise. The sun was rising and caught Pendle Hill to make it shine this georgous hue and really makes it stand out in the landscape. With the high contrast of the foreground with the leading lines from the stone wall and tree line brings the eye upto Pendle Hill.